Curators were assigned to the Kostroma cleaning lady who won the elections

Curators were assigned to the Kostroma cleaning lady who won the elections
Curators were assigned to the Kostroma cleaning lady who won the elections
28 September 2020, 09:22PoliticsPhoto:
Marina Udgodskaya, the cleaning lady from Kostroma, who unexpectedly won the election of the head of the Povalikhinsky rural settlement, will receive curators from the "party and government" to help her.

As reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta with reference to the Department of Internal Policy of the Administration of the Kostroma Region, in the near future the 35-year-old Udgodskaya will have two curators at once: one from the regional administration, the second from the Russian party of pensioners that nominated her.

As previously reported, in the September 13 elections, the cleaning lady Udgodskaya agreed to the role of a "spoiler" - a technical candidate who is needed only to compete with the current head of United Russia and to make the elections seem like an alternative.

“Marina herself was not going to go to power. But you have to. She cannot refuse the mandate. Otherwise Marina will have to pay for the organization of new elections. This is the law, ”the message says.

While agreeing to participate in the elections, the cleaning lady, who had no higher education, did not even know how many villages were included in the settlement.

Udgodskaya's entry into the post of head of the settlement is scheduled for October 1. Until then, she will continue to clean the floors in the administration building. In order to teach the newly elected official, who has not any experience in working with documents, the basics of management, the regional authorities decided to assign assistants to her.

“Each elected head who takes office for the first time is assigned a curator. Everyone is provided with significant methodological support, including training in the basics of local self-government, work with finance, in the field of property and land relations. Marina's first two-day training course will take place in October”, - the publication quotes a statement from the regional authorities.

In the elections, more than half of the residents of the settlement, dissatisfied with the work of the former head, cast their votes for the cleaner. They are going to help her along with the curators from the party and government.

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