Kommersant: Kremlin found vaccination campaign ineffective

Kommersant: Kremlin found vaccination campaign ineffective
Kommersant: Kremlin found vaccination campaign ineffective
28 October, 12:42PoliticsPhoto: Медиахолдинг1Mi
The Kremlin decided to prepare a new campaign to promote vaccination against coronavirus in the country, since the previous efforts of propagandists were found to be ineffective.

According to Kommersant , citing sources close to the presidential administration (AP), the initiator of the restart of the propaganda campaign in favor of vaccination was the first deputy head of the presidential administration, Sergey Kiriyenko.

Prior to this, the advertising campaign for the vaccination of the population was mainly carried out by the ANO National Priorities. Her work was recognized by the authorities as too "clumsy": the Administration considered the immunization videos released by the organizers to be too negative and aggressive. The ideologists of the new program believe that the campaign "Advocacy for vaccination 2.0" should become softer and more convincing. After watching the new videos, the population should form a conviction that vaccination gives people a chance to live a fulfilling life. At the same time, the fight against opponents of immunization or "anti-vaxxers" in the country should intensify, and unvaccinated citizens will begin to send personal invitations for vaccination.

Earlier, the authorities reported that by the beginning of autumn, in order to form herd immunity in the country, it was necessary to vaccinate at least 60% of the population. However, these plans were not fulfilled. As of October 22, only 49 million people were fully vaccinated - this is only about a third of the country's inhabitants.

Due to the low rate of vaccination, the spread of the infection accelerated again. Because of this, a new lockdown has been announced across the country since October 30, which will inevitably deal another blow to the already disrupted economy.

In a number of regions, there is a catastrophic shortage of beds and personnel in the "red zones"; mortality from covid during the fourth wave reached record levels.

Meanwhile, the countries that gently managed to convince the population of the need for vaccinations and reached 70% or more vaccination rates, have already been able to return to normal life, canceled the mandatory wearing of masks and began to restore their economic well-being.

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