The hypothesis of mathematician Zlobin: coronavirus could have flown from space

The hypothesis of mathematician Zlobin: coronavirus could have flown from space
The hypothesis of mathematician Zlobin: coronavirus could have flown from space
30 July, 14:09Politics
Small cosmic bodies, such as comets and asteroids, are capable of delivering devastating impacts to the planet, and at the same time are also biologically dangerous, as evidenced by research by scientists who have studied the effects of the Tunguska meteorite.

It is possible that the coronavirus, the origin of which is not clear, was also brought from space.

Andrey Zlobin, mathematician, candidate of technical sciences

Вдвоем на таежной тропе. Привал. Н.В.Васильев на месте падения Тунгусского метеорита рассказывает о событии 30 июня 1908 года (фото А.Е.Злобин, 1988 год)

In 2020, the 90th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding scientist, academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences N.V. Vasiliev was celebrated. I was lucky to know Nikolai Vladimirovich, communicate with him and walk together along the taiga paths at the site of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite. There he also taught me how to properly punch holes in the permafrost in order to look for meteorite particles. Some are surprised when they learn that for almost half a century the research on Tunguska was directed not by an astronomer, not by a meteorite, but by N.V. Vasiliev, a medical scientist.

Квадратный шурф в тунгусской вечной мерзлоте, выполненный автором по методике Н.В.Васильева (фото А.Е.Злобин, 1988 год)

Such surprise is characteristic of people with ordinary thinking. As a rule, they do not realize the complexity and multifaceted nature of the problem of cosmic catastrophes. The impact of catastrophic events on the noosphere, the fate of the planet and its population is not taken into account. Today, the importance of biology and medicine in our life has grown so much that the scientific heritage of the immunologist and microbiologist, academician N.V. Vasiliev is comparable to the gold reserve. Nikolai Vladimirovich was the only person in the world who understood both the laws of life on Earth and aspects of cosmic danger as deeply as possible. In fact, he created a unique scientific school, thanks to which the understanding of the relationship between life and space has reached a qualitatively new level. Having devoted 40 years to the study of the Tunguska meteorite, the academician in his final monograph highlighted a number of alarming factors associated with the area of the 1908 catastrophe. Some of these factors are indicative of long-term environmental consequences of impact events.

Слои смерзшегося тунгусского торфа 1908 года я добывал колонками с глубины вечной мерзлоты. В этих пробах геохимик МГУ Е.М.Колесников обнаружил изотопную аномалию по водороду и углероду (фото А.Е.Злобин, 1988 год)

Nikolai Vladimirovich was the first in the world to raise the issue of the presence of a special biogeochemical province at the epicenter of the explosion of the Tunguska meteorite. He also suggested introducing a special term such as "bio-problem", denoting a fundamentally new formation, a kind of astroblem without a crater. Indeed, the Tunguska catastrophe of 1908, with all its gigantic megaton energy, is characterized by an unusual fact - there is no crater in the area of the fall of the cosmic body. At the same time, the academician draws attention to the plume of long-term environmental consequences on Tunguska and the possible mutagenicity of the explosion. Thus, in the area of the disaster, the “three-coniferousness” of pines is increased (usually there are only two needles in a bunch of pine needles), there is a stimulant for seed germination in soils, forest regeneration is accelerated, there is an anomaly of morphometric characteristics among ants, a mutation of one of the genes among the aboriginal population of the south of Evenkia is noted. Referring to the ideas of V.I. Vernadsky about the material exchange in the "Earth - Space" system, NV Vasiliev writes about the cometary material that fell out in the Tunguska taiga, which then entered the natural cycles of matter in the biosphere. Indeed, in the catastrophic layers of peat, isotopic anomalies in organic matter - hydrogen and carbon - were found. Together with the mention of mutagenicity, the words of the academician about possible future infections sound alarming:

Так, по многу часов стоя на коленях и вгрызаясь в вечную мерзлоту, я пробил более десятка шурфов на месте падения Тунгусского метеорита (1988 год)

“One cannot but reckon with the opinion of a number of specialists that the elimination of certain infections (smallpox) releases ecological niches in the biosphere that can be filled with pathogens of new infections, which is proved by the example of AIDS. Although this point of view cannot be considered definitively proven, the very fact of its appearance is symptomatic. "

Следы биоблемы: по годовым кольцам дерева установлено, что это щелевое повреждение ствола относится к году падения Тунгусского метеорита (фото А.Е.Злобин, 1988 год)

Mathematical modeling testifies to the cometary nature of the Tunguska meteorite and its precipitated matter. I published the results of this simulation in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Planetary Defense 2007 Planetary Defense Conference, held at the University of Washington D.C. (USA). In particular, the publication showed for the first time that a complex burn of tree branches on Tunguska was caused by the destruction of four fragments of the comet's nucleus almost the size of the Ostankino TV tower. Together with the logging on an area of two thousand square kilometers, this confirms the "bio problem". Thus, the fall of a comet noticeably affects the objects of the biosphere and is indeed capable of radically shaking the ecology.

How can one fail to recall the centuries-old opinion about comets as the messengers of misfortune and epidemics! Even Johannes Kepler himself (!) Believed that a comet would cause a plague if, passing by the Earth, it touched it. A well-known proverb says that there is no smoke without fire ...

Компьютерное моделирование заболеваемости коронавирусом с позиций кометно-астероидной опасности (предположение об инфицировании метеорным телом)

With the current rapid development of the coronavirus pandemic, it is hard to shake off the thought that the mention of new infections in connection with meteorites is not accidental. So can you be sure that extraterrestrial matter does not carry a biological hazard with it? Has humanity lost its caution by directly delivering samples of cometary and asteroid material to Earth?

Meteorites are disinfected at least superficially, heating up to enormous temperatures as they pass through the atmosphere. Alas, over the past half century, space matter has repeatedly entered our planet in descent vehicles, that is, in an unchanged state. For example, samples of lunar soil ended up in terrestrial laboratories thanks to the American Apollo lunar missions and the Soviet Luna stations, the Chinese Chang'e spacecraft. The American mission "Stardust", designed to investigate Comet Wild, delivered samples of cometary matter in a special capsule. Humanity received soil samples from the asteroid Ryugu thanks to the Japanese mission Hayabusa-2. The American space probe Osiris-Rex has collected rock samples from the asteroid Bennu and is expected to deliver the rock to Earth in 2023. As you can see, this is no longer an isolated case - cosmic matter literally poured into scientific laboratories. At the same time, the survival of some spores and bacteria in open space has been experimentally proven. Since in the descent vehicles, space material comes to us in its original form, it, therefore, may contain some kind of surviving dangerous organic matter. It is difficult not to notice the increased volumes of new information about alien matter, since it is already being studied literally online, for example, by Mars rovers on Mars. It's no secret that an important task of the rovers is to search for traces of life on the neighboring planet ...

I would like to draw your attention to comets as a special source of biological hazard. And that's why. The theory of panspermia is well known, according to which comets can be carriers of the simplest forms of life in the Universe. In his monograph, N.V. Vasiliev refers to the brochure of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors CIAM, which I wrote and published in 1996. Here is a verbatim quote from my publication:

“The author of this brochure has carried out a calculation of the non-stationary thermal state of the nucleus of a long-period comet, as a result of which an interesting result has been obtained. As it turned out, most of the cometary nucleus during the entire orbital period has a temperature close to absolute zero. Even the approach of the comet to the Sun has practically no effect on the temperature of its core: despite the weak heating of the surface, the inner region of the cosmic body remains absolutely cold".

I think that this result was obtained for the first time by the methods of computer simulation in the 90s. In the center of the nucleus of a long-period comet, cosmic cold always reigns, and the temperature does not exceed several degrees on the Kelvin scale. And here is the time to remember such a phenomenon as suspended animation - the suspension of vital activity with its subsequent restoration under favorable conditions. It cannot be ruled out that, due to ultra-low temperatures, microscopic rudiments of life can persist for a very long time in the nuclei of long-period and interstellar comets in a state of suspended animation.

Falling out on Earth along with huge masses of cometary matter, this extraterrestrial organic matter can begin to multiply in a far from harmless way. The same can happen if uninvited "space guests" suddenly seep into the wild through the walls of earthly laboratories.

Then, perhaps, we will understand today's paradox with the coronavirus - there is a very dangerous, extremely unusual and aggressive pandemic, and no one can find the source and the first carrier of the virus. Is it because this source came from space? And is it not because he "knows how" to cleverly disguise himself as an earthly aborigine? After all, the term "suspended animation" is widely known and its use in the production of some vaccines is not surprising.

With his attention to the studies of the comet-asteroid hazard carried out at CIAM, Academician N.V. Vasiliev actually initiated a number of important results. This is also the merit of the head of the institute, D.A. Ogorodnikov, who supported the work on meteorite topics carried out by young people on a voluntary basis. In the era of the 90s, hardly anyone could solve such problems better than CIAM - the world-famous scientific school of gas dynamics and computational methods. The biological component of the mathematical modeling of impacts should be especially noted, which took into account the factor of the formation of a "bio problem" and possible biological threats. In particular, the author developed and tested mathematical models of morbidity during infection with meteorite strikes from space. I recently repeated my calculations, assuming the cosmic origin of the coronavirus infection and the current pandemic. The results of mathematical modeling are in good agreement with statistical data and fundamentally do not contradict the hypothesis of space infection. Perhaps this conclusion is unexpected, but it allows you to look at the pandemic in a different plane and highlight a completely different spectrum of causal relationships.

Briefly about the results of computer simulation. The model contains an impact component that describes the entry into the atmosphere and the destruction of a meteoroid with infectious objects inside it. The fallout of space matter over a certain territory initiates the infection of the population with space substance, and further calculations are performed on the basis of a differential mathematical model of morbidity, taking into account statistics on known diseases (in this case, statistics of the coronavirus pandemic). A large country with a multimillion population and a large territory was considered. From the onset of infection, the incidence was calculated for a period of about 2.5 years, and the calculations were carried out in three versions: basic, optimistic and pessimistic. The base case assumes that the current trends in the development of the pandemic will be maintained and, accordingly, the measures taken will remain unchanged. The optimistic option reflects a tougher scenario in the fight against coronavirus, including the active use of vaccines, additional lockdowns, self-isolation, retirement and other restrictions (social distance, wearing masks, antiseptics, etc.). Finally, the pessimistic scenario assumes significant relaxation and cancellation of many measures, restrictions, as well as various force majeure circumstances that greatly reduce the effectiveness of countering the pandemic. All three options are shown in the graph. It is clearly seen that an active response to the coronavirus can quickly slow down and stop the increase in incidence (optimistic scenario). Conversely, neglect of active measures and numerous indulgences means additional millions of cases in the near future.

In conclusion, I would like to say about another side of the comet-asteroid hazard associated with biology. Let us recall the hydrogen and carbon isotope anomaly on the Tunguska. The introduction of extraterrestrial, several other, atoms into the biosphere can disrupt atomic interactions in living nature. I have published my mathematical calculations that prove the evolution of the atom many times. For example, the hydrogen atom, the most widespread in the Universe, contains information about evolution and demonstrates the mathematical properties of a living object. We do not notice the evolution of atoms only because it lasts for billions of years and it is extremely difficult to fix such a long process with instruments. Another thing is important. The atom evolves according to the laws of mathematical logic, and due to this, cybernetic algorithms for pattern recognition can be implemented at the atomic level. In this case, the study of the internal logic of the atom, the laws of its functioning, opens up broad prospects for the control of atomic processes using logical operations and even their programming. I do not in any way belittle the achievements of molecular biology, but at the same time I emphasize that biological science is rapidly developing already at the level of atomic structure. Everyone knows how the development of atomic physics has influenced humanity. How the development of atomic biology will affect, remains to be understood. Research in the field of bioinformatics, a recently emerging new scientific direction, is now advancing by leaps and bounds. I have no doubt that humanity is on the verge of another scientific breakthrough related to the biology of the atom (atomic biology). If anyone doubts this, I can make a convincing argument. In the 80s and 90s, I got a beautiful mathematical relationship, according to which "the diameter of a circle of unit length is equal to the ratio of the golden ratio to its exponent." Calculate yourself - this "unit length" with an accuracy of five signs (!) Coincides with the relative atomic mass of hydrogen. When Niels Bohr provided the accuracy of five signs in his calculations, Albert Einstein himself called his result one of the greatest discoveries. Have you counted? If you are a highly educated person, then a chill must have run down your spine...

Andrey Zlobin, Ph.D., mathematician, expert of the Center for Planetary Defense, participant of international conferences on bioorganic chemistry, biotechnology and bionanotechnology

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