New Zealand imposes new anti-Russian sanctions

New Zealand imposes new anti-Russian sanctions
New Zealand imposes new anti-Russian sanctions
31 October, 09:21Politics
New Zealand has announced restrictive measures against 14 more Russians and seven enterprises in the defense sector and the media, said New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaiya Mahuta (pictured). Their assets will be frozen.

Those sanctioned are prohibited from visiting the country, their aircraft from using New Zealand airspace, and ships are prohibited from entering ports.

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the restrictions were imposed against the heads and shareholders of companies that develop and manufacture rockets and firearms, as well as "members of neo-Nazi paramilitary groups" associated with the Wagner PMC. Who exactly was included in the sanctions list is not said, but it is known that there are two news agencies in it - InfoRos and the Crimean News Front.

On October 11, the New Zealand authorities imposed sanctions against 51 Russian businessmen, the Evraz company, and also banned the export and import of luxury goods, which include, in particular, caviar and vodka from Russia.

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