The conspiracy theorists have an aggravation: the American ship did NOT land on Mars!

The conspiracy theorists have an aggravation: the American ship did NOT land on Mars!

19 February , 13:50Science
American rover Perseverance landed on the surface of Mars and took the first photographs, but conspiracy theorists believe that this is a fake.

As you know, the Perseverance rover, launched on July 30, 2020 from Cape Canaveral in Florida, successfully landed on the surface of Mars. With its help, NASA experts plan to collect and deliver samples of Martian soil to Earth.

This event aroused legitimate pride not only among Americans, but also among all normal people in the world. Analyst Yegor Sedov writes:

“So, the next “Martian seasons”(these are indeed “seasons”, it is not so easy to get to Mars, a “window of opportunity” is used - the most favorable dates for flights).

And what do we see?

And we see the delivery of the American Mars rover "Perseverance".

We see the PRC probe "Tianwen" - "Questions to the sky".

We see the orbital probe "Al-Amal" - "Hope" from the space power of the United Arab Emirates. (For those who like to groan "oh, everything will always be bad with us!" I recommend reading what those Emirates were at least in the year of Gagarin's flight).

However, we do not see something in this list...

We do not see one country! We do not see the representative of this country giggling about the "trampolines". So, the country, which in the year of Gagarin's flight, was one of the poorest and dirtiest territories of the "Third World", is now launching a Martian probe. And RF ... Well, you can inflate your cheeks, soon they will not fit into the screen. But this mimicry hardly contributes to flights to Mars - and, in principle, to overcome backwardness..."

However, not everything is so rosy. As usual, there are people who deny the obvious. Like this blogger, who commented on the first picture taken when the ship descended:

“This is an image of the level of the 1960s of the last century. If such an image appeared in modern times and is passed off as a real photograph, this clearly indicates that this landing on Mars is FALSE. What, NASA doesn't have the ability to take normal footage? The camera level of a push-button telephone, costing 500 rubles? Although, sorry .. This phone has a better camera. And one more thing: the United States successfully landed the Perseverance rover with a helicopter-drone on Mars. The photo shows the first image he made from the "red planet". Does Mars have an atmosphere? What does a drone rely on in flight? If Carlson had been taken there, he would have done better ... "

Firewood on the fire, warming numerous conspiracy theorists who completely deny the space successes of the United States, added social psychologist Alexei Roshchin:

“And also in the piggy bank for true believers (in our time no one believes in God, because it is not fashionable, but there are powerful sects of a completely different kind: for example, some firmly believe that the Americans were on the moon, others, no less devout, believe , which is not). Moreover, between believers and non-believers in "Americans on the Moon" there are already almost religious wars - with curses and anathema, everything is as it should be (which is funny - in America itself too). Unless they are still burning at the stake.

So it's a sin not to throw firewood. On yesterday's OTP program, dedicated to conspiracy, in the recording of which I took part, one of the participants (sorry, did not remember the name, since he was on Skype) threw one very sharp observation. At the same time, by the way, the TV people showed us a sign "The most common conspiracy theories in Russia", drawn up according to a poll of either Levada or VTsIOM - and so there was a belief in the so-called "Lunar conspiracy" (that is, in staging flights to the Moon) in the honorable 4th place among the Russians (in the first place is the belief in the World Government).

So this correspondence expert did not directly say whether the Americans were on the moon or not - but he said something else. According to him, the "samples of lunar soil" they brought from there strictly corresponded to the ideas of scientists of that time (that is, the beginning of the 70s of the last century) about what the lunar soil should be like. In particular, it was then believed that there should be no water on the lunar surface - and indeed, there was no water in the "brought" soil samples.

But now - the expert continued - we know that in fact there is quite a lot of water on the Moon, however, it is there in a bound state ... And it seems that the Chinese, which had just sent their ship to the Moon, brought OTHERS from there. soil samples - already corresponding to modern ideas about what it should be...

So, whether the Americans were on the moon is still an ambiguous question..."

However, Roshchin immediately received an adequate answer:

"This here about the ground. This soil is available to researchers from different countries. If it turned out that he was not real, Russian researchers would have announced this long ago. And on TV everyone lies. Would the USSR, with all its propaganda colossus, have missed the opportunity to refute the fact that the Americans were on the moon? Once he said nothing, it means that they were. After all, they watched with bated breath..."

In addition, it turned out that the presence of water in the lunar soil is easily explainable:

“There is no water on the Moon, it is too light, so the magma was waterless there. Therefore, there is no Fe2O3 in the crust, but only FeO. Water is formed there, of course, when the same FeO is bombarded by cosmic radiation protons (therefore, there is a lot of pure Fe, by the way), but it is pyrolyzed almost immediately. In general, geochemical and geological concepts, they have not changed much since then. As for the lunar soil, there was only one jamb with the Apollo - they contaminated it with the earth's atmosphere during transportation, not all samples, of course. But a significant number. And there were incorrect data on the gas composition, for example ... In addition, an irrefutable fact: American astronauts put corner reflectors on the lunar surface by which astronomers around the world have been measuring the distance to the Moon for 50 years..."

But the funny thing is not even these disputes, but the fact that the very theory of the "lunar conspiracy" also appeared not just anywhere, but in America. As the same Yegor Sedov writes:

“The question is not controversial. By the way, let the pseudo-patriots of the "lunar conspiracy theory" not rejoice, the primacy is not for them, but for the America they hate. In the late 70s, a certain intellectual (it is not clear, however, what he was doing) discovered "inconsistencies." And off we go, probably, he somehow monetized the "theory".

By the way, the story successfully reached the USSR, got into "Around the World", in the humor section (half of which was "Oh, these Americans, are they all right with their heads?" - somewhere near the pastor - the winner of the contest of liars and etc. So, the question "were there or not the Americans on the moon" - not debatable. Discussion - another question: why did they leave?"

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