Scientists have learned how to find blood clots in COVID patients with a thermal imager

Scientists have learned how to find blood clots in COVID patients with a thermal imager
25 March , 15:30SciencePhoto: Тамбовская жизнь
Samara scientists have developed a method for non-contact thermal imaging diagnostics of the health status of patients with coronavirus infection, which makes it possible to find blood clots without incisions in case of complications from COVID-19.

According to the regional government, scientists decided to use thermal imagers for medical diagnostics as a result of observing the thermoprofile of patients. It is quite informative in the control of changes in blood supply with severe hypoxia and reduced blood saturation.

"So, one of the serious consequences of COVID-19 is the tendency to increased thrombosis, which also affects the nature of infrared radiation in the affected area", - Interfax reports.

According to scientists, due to the study of the nature of infrared radiation from the surfaces of the extremities and torso of patients, conclusions can be drawn about the dynamics of the functional state of the system of small vessels and timely treatment can be started.

Unlike invasive techniques, thermal imaging is harmless and suitable for continuous monitoring of the patient's condition. It is easy to use and available not only for doctors but also for nurses.

Now scientists of Samara State Medical University, together with colleagues from the Samara National Research University named after Academician S.P. Korolev, are improving the developed methodology in the hope that it will help patients who have undergone coronavirus return to normal life faster and with less losses.

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