Mark Ginsburg: "No epidemic has so impaired a person's analytical skills like covid-19 does"

Mark Ginsburg: "No epidemic has so impaired a person's analytical skills like covid-19 does"
Mark Ginsburg: "No epidemic has so impaired a person's analytical skills like covid-19 does"
30 August 2021, 23:46SciencePhoto:
Cryptocurrency and blockchain specialist, businessman Mark Ginsburg, in an interview with the Politeka YouTube channel, spoke about his thoughts on covid hysteria and the malicious nature of online education programs.

“I think that conspiracy theory is popular in any country in the world where there are still thinking people who have not lost the ability to analyze, who receive information not from headlines, but try to understand the essence of the processes.

Unfortunately, the analytical population is shrinking. Incredible.

Not a single epidemic in the history of the world - not even the most terrible epidemics that mowed down the population of many European countries in the Middle Ages - has reduced the population capable of analyzing in the same proportion as what is happening today.

Whole state institutions have been put at the service of this duping. All the power of the state machine is put on this, starting from online learning - not online learning itself, but those algorithms that are laid down; presentation of information, the work of the media in general.

If longread was once popular on Facebook, today no one reads for more than two minutes.

I am very familiar with serious people from Silicon Valley, where I visit every two months. They work in serious contact with the government.

In a very narrow circle, we often discuss the field of online education, all these algorithms. And here everything is clear without any conspiracy theories.

Everything works to ensure that the ability of people to analyze the text, dig, try to get to the truth, is reduced.

Most people today see the world through the eyes of CNN. Most of them study news from the feed in social networks, without any analysis.

Many people think of our brain as a few kilograms of jelly, permeated with blood vessels. There are billions of cells that interact with each other, neural networks and so on. But at the level of neuroscience it is proved: our brain is not just a jelly mass, it is the most perfect thing in our being. The brain and the DNA helix - nothing more perfect than what the Almighty created, has not been invented.

There are areas of the brain that are responsible for test analysis and logical reasoning. So, today it has been proven that these areas are included somewhere between the 12th and 14th minutes of study, work with some material, reading.

And today, most online training programs are built so that the presentation of material, some kind of content for educational institutions is less than 12 minutes. He who has ears, let him hear".

You can watch the interview with Mark Ginsburg here.

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