Tiktoker Volodya XXL: "When I got my first salary I bought lavash"

Tiktoker Volodya XXL: "When I got my first salary I bought lavash"
Tiktoker Volodya XXL: "When I got my first salary I bought lavash"
1 June 2021, 16:54Secular ChroniclesPhoto: RTVi
A new release of the show "Babushkin's Respirator" has been released on the RTVI channel.

The founder of the celebrity agency Didenok Team Kirill Didenok and the popular tiktoker Volodya XXL discussed the fees of Internet celebrities on social networks, and also revealed what was the real reason for Volodya XXL with the LGBT community.

Volodya XXL on the first money for advertising on TikTok:

There were no agencies, I never worked with Kirill [Didenko], with anyone. When I had 100 thousand subscribers on TikTok, they sent me a message with sound and asked: "Can you shoot a video with this sound?" I say, "Yes, of course", - "How many?". I say, “How do I know? This is my first advertisement in my life". And I add: "Let's get a thousand rubles".

They transfer money to me, I went from training and decided to put down in front of the guys, I bought the first lavash on my salary, can you imagine? Lavash and cheese sauce. The team is football, there are 10 people, and everyone needs to please, and apart from lavash I have not come up with anything more interesting.

Volodya XXL about his first million earned:

I held it and spent it. I bought my parents a car, a Volvo XC60, a family car. I love mom and dad, in general they are cool with me.

Volodya XXL about the scandal with the question about gays [in one of his tiktoks, he said that he wants to shoot homosexuals. - Ed.]:

I needed to overtake my subscribers to the Telegram channel, and I posted the sequel on the Telegram on Instagram. The time is 5 in the morning, no one asks me questions, and the question about gays was asked himself. LGBT supporters came home, they madly wanted to kill me. Once I was sitting in a lesson and about six people fell over: "Can Volodya XXL?" They are all with colored hair. I go out and they start screaming. There is a video on the Internet where a girl comes to my house (my address and passport were revealed), knocks on the door, and my parents. Dad had to put a CCTV camera, watch who entered and who did not. It was a hell of a life before moving to Moscow. I have not restored either TikTok or Instagram. I didn’t think to commit suicide, it was just very bad, I didn’t know what to do. Because you have nothing, no social networks, the whole world is against you, and you sit with your parents, who are also against you. They said: “You will not go to the“ Cannon ”. Why apologize? "

Kirill Didenko on how he reacted to the threats of the LGBT community against Volodya XXL:

A schoolboy can commit suicide when the whole world presses on him. He [Volodya XXL] was bullied. From a small telegram, this could not happen without some coincidence, that is, an adult man, a famous blogger, cannot talk about how some Kursk schoolboy calls for the execution of gays. The entire Internet cannot talk about this, there cannot be so much attention out of the blue. They begin to bully him: all sorts of letters come to the address, they constantly call his home, shout under the windows - that's all that happens. All his social networks are removed. I had to work with the situation. Parents treated this story very badly, and dad did not want Volodya to give back and apologize ... That is, there were a lot of ambiguous situations.

Kirill Didenko about Morgenstern:

He can create all sorts of nonsense and shock. You throw in some micro-idea, make fun of him, and in a day it is already realized, and no one else does it. That is, no one else tries different things so boldly and so quickly. Something comes in, something doesn't. This is a bad trip. These are people on a dose, and they need a dose of attention on a regular basis, and therefore they raise the bar.

Kirill Didenko on the scandal by Dolina and Vali Carnival:

The valley is such an unpleasant young lady, and when a harsh, very critical adult young lady and someone who does not catch up at some point, at least by notes, is in any case a conflict. It's just disgusting, but the Valley is more disgusting here. Plus the Carnival answers are disgusting.

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