90-year-old Ivan Krasko again found a young bride

90-year-old Ivan Krasko again found a young bride
90-year-old Ivan Krasko again found a young bride
7 May 2021, 18:40Secular ChroniclesPhoto: sobesednik.ru
Actor Ivan Krasko intends to marry the young darling Natalya Smykova. This will be the fifth marriage of the People's Artist of Russia.

“We have been in close contact for a couple of years, but I really do not want to bring this up for general discussion. I do not want any public outcry, I only need home comfort, my beloved man nearby and my delicious pies for him", - Sobesednik quotes the words of Smykova, who, according to the publication, is a very wealthy lady. She assures that she does not need either money or real estate of the actor.

Krasko and Smykova met in the theater when she came to performances with the participation of an elderly actor. Their relationship began last winter. Smykova came to Krasko's sanatorium, where he underwent rehabilitation after being ill with coronavirus.

It's worth reminding that in August 2018 Krasko divorced 27-year-old Natalia Shevel. One of the reasons, the actor called the fact that the wife did not want children. After the divorce, Krasko spent time with his ex-wife Natalia Vyal, with whom he has joint children. The artist even thought to marry her again.

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