The scandal around the interview of Princess Diana is gaining momentum

The scandal around the interview of Princess Diana is gaining momentum
The scandal around the interview of Princess Diana is gaining momentum
13 January 2021, 11:23Secular ChroniclesPhoto: соцсети
Hasnat Khan spoke out against the author of the scandalous interview with Princess Martin Bashir.

The scandal surrounding Princess Diana's interview with the BBC in 1995 is gaining momentum. Diana then appeared on the Panorama program, confessing to her host Martin Bashir that she and Prince Charles had parted ways. It was during that interview, which was watched by 20 million Britons, that Diana uttered her famous phrase "There were three of us in this marriage", implying her husband's romance with Camilla Parker-Bowles. As it turned out recently, in order to get the princess into his program, Bashir resorted to deception and manipulation, and BBC leadership knew about this.

Recently, the Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, with whom Princess Diana met in 1995-1997, expressed his opinion about the incident, FoxNews reports. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Khan said that he met with Bashir, and he left an unpleasant impression of himself. “Almost from the very beginning he started asking me head-on questions about Diana and our relationship. Why didn't we get married when we're going to do it. These are the questions. Intimate, - said Khan. - He said something about the role model of a Muslim and a Western woman. At first it confused me, Diana and I had met shortly before and never talked about marriage. But then I got angry. On the part of a barely familiar person to say such things was impudence. I looked at Diana, hoping that she would say something, but she was silent. I wanted to tell him to shut up, because that's none of his business, but I couldn't. I didn't say anything. Instead of it I got up, said I had to go back to work, and left". According to Khan, he later told Diana his opinion about Bashir, saying that "he does not like him and does not inspire confidence, so she should not have anything to do with him".

“One of her best qualities was vulnerability”, - Khan continues. - That is why people loved her. As I understand now, Martin (Bashir) used this for his own purposes. He looked solid: BBC employee, respectable, devout. But he stuffed her head with all sorts of nonsense". According to Khan, after talking with Bashir, Diana suspected that Charles had an affair with their children's nanny, Tiggy Legg-Burke. In addition, she began to mention every now and then "about bugs and wiretapping".

Now Hasnat Khan is 66 years old, and he rarely recalls his relationship with Diana in public. Their romance lasted two years and ended after Khan realized that he could not bear the attention of the press following them on their heels. After breaking up with Khan, Diana began an affair with Dodi al Fayed, who died with her in a car accident in Paris.

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