The tragic fate of Gerard Depardieu's son was recalled on the anniversary of his death

The tragic fate of Gerard Depardieu's son was recalled on the anniversary of his death
The tragic fate of Gerard Depardieu's son was recalled on the anniversary of his death
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The author of the blog "Fading Stars" in LiveJournal writes about Guillaume Depardieu, the son of the famous French film star and now also a Russian citizen Gerard Depardieu. He lived only 36 years and his relationship with his father was far from simple.

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, Guillaume Depardieu p odilsya April 7 1971 in the family of actors Gerard and Elisabeth Depardieu. Parents, having devoted their whole life to theater and cinema, devoted little time to their son, and Guillaume grew up a neglected and naughty child, did not study well. For his behavior, he was kicked out of almost all the schools to which his parents sent him.

Nevertheless, outwardly very similar to his father, Guillaume Depardieu, having gone through many thorns, nevertheless became an actor himself. He played roles in 39 films, sometimes together with his father - Guillaume played a hero in his youth, Gerard Depardieu - in adulthood.

“On October 13, Guillaume Depardieu (1971-2008), the son of actors Gerard and Elisabeth, died, - writes the blog Fading Stars, - All his life he tried to maintain a balance between admiration and dislike for his father. Gerard had something to love and hate at the same time. Declarations Gerard Depardieu, like many actor's declarations, often diverged from the real state of affairs. So at one time Gerard constantly emphasized in interviews the priority of the family over the profession. He could not keep his family. The divorce followed after 25 years of marriage and his son never forgave him".

But even before the divorce of his parents, Guillaume Depardieu had already gone through several millstones of fate. He recalled that two or three times his father came to school for him on a motorcycle: “It was cool, I was happy, but at the same time there were conversations! ...not Guillaume, but simply “sonny”. His father even advised him to change his last name.

While still at school, he started smoking, drinking and using drugs, and at the age of 17 he went to prison. Not wanting to ask his parents for money, Guillaume Depardieu began to sell heroin himself. As a result, he was caught - a search was carried out in the house of famous actors, which made not the best impression on Gerard Depardieu. His son served his term only partially - six months. According to some reports, Gerard Depardieu went to the authorities, begging to spare his unlucky offspring, even reaching the then President of France Francois Mitterrand. At the same time, he was stingy to pay the bail for his son, believing that even a short stay in prison would be a lesson for his son. Elisabeth Depardieu, at the trial, took a position accusing her husband. According to her, Guillaume suffered from his father's numerous affairs on the side.

However, when Guillaume Depardieu was released from prison, fate seemed to smile at him - director Alain Cornot gave him the role of the composer Maren Mare in the film "All the Mornings of the World". They played together with their father - he starred in the role of an adult Maren. Critics took the film well, they started talking about the young talent. For the next film "The Pupils" Guillaume received the French national film award "Cesar". But Guillaume continued to use drugs, which brought him to a mental hospital. He jumped off the fourth floor and finished filming in a cast.

In 1995, Guillaume Depardieu fell off a motorcycle, injuring his right knee. During the operation, doctors injected staphylococcus into his blood. 17 subsequent surgeries and eight years on pain relievers did not help, the leg had to be amputated to the knee and continue to live and be removed with a prosthesis. Guillaume did not forgive the doctors - although he did not sue them, he founded an association to help victims of nosocomial infection.

Years later, Gerard Depardieu believed in his son: “I admire the fact that he withstood the views of the public watching me through him. It was a test. But he coped with it, and I am proud of it. He is a genius actor and proved it, and I It has nothing to do with it. He was always much more gifted than me. He is a musician, writer, poet. He early made a gate in the wall of anger and rebellion that I did not even see. He drank the cup of suffering. This is Dostoevsky's hero. All three brothers Karamazov put together ! I admire him".

Guillaume spoke about his father ambiguously. In his memoir book "Give Everything", he wrote: "My dad is a coward, a deceiver and a pretender. ...He is a man who was not capable of raising children or mourning for dead parents... He is devoid of any nobility. ...Money is the only thing that He is interested in life. When he rushes drunk on a motorcycle, he knows that the police turn a blind eye to it. But they don't forgive me anything... He is an absolutely unprincipled person who loves to conquer the hearts of people, and then despises them... The page of my relationship with my father finally I want to tell him one thing: "Gerard, shut up!"

The father was offended and ended the relationship with his son, not wanting "to be a wall or a trash can anymore, into which you can dump anything". And then Guillaume Depardieu died, never reconciling with Gerard Depardieu. On October 11, 2008, he was hospitalized from the set of the film Icarus's Childhood, and on the 13th he died of pneumonia.

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