Anastasia Volochkova called her daughter's father "gigolo"

Anastasia Volochkova called her daughter's father "gigolo"
Anastasia Volochkova called her daughter's father "gigolo"
18 December 2020, 15:01Secular ChroniclesPhoto: Инстаграм Анастасии Волочковой
The Queen of Twine spoke about her romances and future plans

The ballerina, who returned from the Maldives, became the heroine of the YouTube channel "Alena, Damn!", In which, among other things, she commented on rumors that she was buying flowers for herself.

"Well look at me, how can I be alone?!", - said Volochkova to the tv-host Alyona Zhigalova. When asked why the ballerina prefers to show her current boyfriend in photographs in parts - either an arm or a leg, and is it time to finally declassify his name, Volochkova replied that she only agreed to describe her lover. “Handsome, young, slim, sexy immensely, this is a very important component in the relationship between a man and a woman. He is very caring, just unrealistically kind, with a sense of humor".

As Volochkova admitted, the case brought them together: the couple met in a notary office, where both issued powers of attorney. Despite the seriousness of the relationship, the ballerina is not going to marry her chosen one: “I am a free woman, I am not married! Enough for me! I'm not going anywhere yet". Volochkova, however, named the two main men of her life: her first great love was the soloist of the Mariinsky Theater, Farukh Razimatov, the second - businessman and politician Suleiman Kirimov, whom she still considers a close person.

As for the father of his only daughter, Volochkova calls him gigolo. With businessman Igor Vdovin, the ballerina once played a magnificent wedding, but, as it turned out later, they never officially got married. After Volochkova and Vdovin broke up, their daughter Ariadna lived with her mother in a country house, but not so long ago she moved to her father in a Moscow apartment and rarely sees the ballerina. “Her life is now accumulated in the center, it is convenient for her to live like that,” says Volochkova. - It is very easy to bribe children at this age with money, to say: “Do you want a horse? You will have a horse. "Why am I talking about betrayal? When a father says to my daughter: "I will give you everything, but my mother will not receive a penny," and a person agrees to such conditions, to be honest, it hurts me a little, I will not hide it".

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