Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's son testified against his father

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's son testified against his father
19 March , 13:46Secular ChroniclesPhoto: US Weekly
Hollywood stars continue their legal battle for custody of their children. According to insiders, the actress is ready to provide not only her personal testimony against her ex-husband, but also to involve underage children as witnesses.

According to US Weekly, Angelina Jolie has filed another lawsuit against Brad Pitt. The actress claims that as evidence of her ex-husband's guilt, she is ready to provide testimony of minor children. According to information leaked from the courtroom, the adopted son of Jolie and Pitt Maddox has already testified against his father. Most likely, we are talking about cases of domestic violence, in which Jolie accuses Pitt. It is known that the reason for the divorce of the stars was a quarrel between the actor and Maddox, who received a slap from his father when the whole family was returning by plane from vacation in 2016. In addition, Maddox, according to insiders, intends to abandon his father's surname: now he bears the double surname Jolie-Pitt - but Angelina objects to such a step.

Hollywood sources claim that Pitt never raised a hand against any of the children, and his initial agreement to take the blame was just a compromise to speed up the divorce process and achieve equal parenting rights. However, this did not help: Angelina Jolie continues to insist on full custody. According to insiders, the leak of information from the courtroom could have been organized by the actress's lawyers with her knowledge in order to demoralize Pitt.

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