Pamela Anderson got married for the fifth time

Pamela Anderson got married for the fifth time
Pamela Anderson got married for the fifth time
28 January 2021, 12:53Secular ChroniclesPhoto: инстаграм
The sex bomb from Baywatch announced that she was married. This is Pamela's fifth marriage. Her new chosen one is a personal bodyguard Dan Heichurst.

According to The Sun, Pamela met Dan last year, at the beginning of the lockdown: he turned out to be her neighbor. From that moment on, the couple was inseparable, and on Christmas Eve they got married. The wedding ceremony took place in the backyard of the actress's country estate, which is located in the town of Ladysmith on Vancouver Island, Canada. Before this house belonged to Pamela's grandfather and grandmother, her parents, who are still together, were once married there - and this is a good sign, the actress believes.

The wedding ceremony was conducted by a local pastor. The couple exchanged vows and rings. The bride was in a white dress with a long train, in her hands - a small bouquet of pink and white roses. The groom is in a shirt and black trousers. Pamela is vegan, so her wedding treat was also vegan: a vanilla-flavored coconut cake decorated with a deer figurine, a pine tree and a heart.

The Baywatch star reported that she was very in love and felt that she had finally found someone who also loved her. Anderson believes that she and her new husband are made for each other, and the year of lockdown, which they spent together in complete isolation, can be considered seven.

Pamela Anderson first married musician Tommy Lee in the 1990s. They have two sons, Brandon, 23, and Dylan, 22. In the mid-2000s, her husband was the musician Kid Rock. Twice, in 2007 and 2014, the actress married poker player Rick Salomon. And in January 2020, she was briefly married to Hollywood producer John Peters, with whom she had an affair many years later. As it turned out later, the wedding was fictitious: Peters wanted attention, and Pamela decided to play along with an old friend.

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