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TV found out that the genius is allowed to beat children
And the president of Russia - to arrange parades and move the date of the end of the Great Patriotic War, when and where he wants, because he is a...
Video of the day: Maxim Galkin mimics the dialogue between Putin and Sobyanin
The famous artist posted a video in the Network, in which he simultaneously played the roles of the President and the Mayor.
Human rights defenders demand the immediate release of Ilya Azar
Human rights organizations PEN-Moscow and Svobodnoe Slovo (Free Word) uniting writers and journalists issued a statement regarding the illegal...
Ministry of Labor proposed to ban layoffs during a pandemic
The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation prepared a document on a special procedure for dismissing employees and...
A criminal case was opened in Yakutia after an outbreak of coronavirus in aт assisted living residence for the elderly
In the private assisted living house for the elderly Trust in Yakutsk, 15 people, including guests and employees, fell ill with a new coronavirus...
Experts predicted a three-fold increase in unemployment in Russia
If quarantine drags on, the unemployment rate in Russia could rise from pre-crisis 4.6% to 15%, analysts at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) said.
Mordovian coronavirus nightmare: a story of a nurse from Saransk that is hard to believe
A resuscitation nurse in Mordovia contracted a coronavirus in April. After a confirmed analysis, she was taken out of the red zone by ambulance and...