Dmitry Medvedev: Russia is fully prepared to disconnect from the global network

Dmitry Medvedev: Russia is fully prepared to disconnect from the global network
Dmitry Medvedev: Russia is fully prepared to disconnect from the global network
1 February 2021, 12:12SocietyPhoto:
Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia is legally and technologically fully prepared to disconnect from the global Internet, but so far the authorities will not introduce these measures.

According to Medvedev, the decision to create a sovereign Russian segment of the Internet was made following an assessment of external threats.

“Technologically, everything is ready for this. At the legislative level, all decisions have also been made, but this is not easy and I would really not like it. I still, frankly, do not see any signs of this, because, for obvious reasons, this is a double-edged weapon, "Medvedev's statement was quoted by Interfax.

Commenting on the prospects of working in Russia in the event of a shutdown of the Internet in Russia by the United States, Medvedev admitted that the main "keys to this casket are overseas." At the same time, he noted that the country's leadership has a plan on how to act in such a situation. To this end, Russia adopted a law on the autonomous Russian Internet, which will help government agencies to carry out the necessary social functions in case of disconnection from the global network.

Medvedev added that against the backdrop of talks that Russia could be disconnected from SWIFT, the authorities were forced to create their own system for transferring information.

“The same can potentially happen with the Internet, and then we will not have access to the main nodes of this network”, - Medvedev said.

Commenting on questions about the work of social networks, Medvedev stressed that the Russian authorities have not yet blocked or slowed down any network. At the same time, he warned that if social networks behave in an "unfriendly manner" and do not want to publish Russian information, then the country's authorities will be able to influence them. At the same time, Medvedev called the method of slowing down the work of social networks more preferable than blocking them completely.

However... "it is impossible to disconnect Russia from the Internet by 100%, said radio Sputnik Alexander Tokarenko, member of the Association of Heads of Information Security Services. According to him, communication channels will still remain, but traffic will decrease.

"There are three main channels from Russia to the foreign countries. There are no problems to disconnect them. Smaller channels, of course, will continue to exist, but they will not provide normal traffic. It can be physically disabled," the expert believes.

Dmitry Medvedev said that the United States will go to disconnect Russia from the Internet only in an emergency, if "someone's head blows off, then this can happen." To protect against such a turn of events, a domestic analogue of the Internet is being created in the country, but it is difficult to judge its readiness, said Alexander Tokarenko.

“The task of making a full-fledged Russian analogue of the Internet was set, but it is difficult to say to what extent it was achieved. But it is also difficult to say how much more likely the RuNet will be disconnected from the global network. This is politics”, - concluded Alexander Tokarenko.

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