Living worms in the canned fish: that's how the Department of Education helped the low-income families

Living worms in the canned fish: that's how the Department of Education helped the low-income families

1 May 2020, 11:32Society
The "festive" set of the products for the May 1 included two cans of canned mackerel. An autopsy showed that red worms made a real feast in the fish. School No. 113 distributed food rations to more than 200 families.

In total, poor schools in 6 schools were hit in Moscow immediately. Who brought parasites into the metropolitan formation?

Oleg Goryunov

The summary of this incident is somewhat reminiscent of the military reports, where there are always named the numbers of units and subunits. This time, the "front line" of the war with coronavirus, waged by the mayor of the capital of the Russian Federation Sergei Sobyanin, included: school № 113, school № 1354, school № 2109, school № 1161, school № 1368 and school № 628. Most likely, this list is not final yet.

The provision of food assistance is one of the methods of Moscow officials to assist the families that face difficulties.

No one began to listen to the opinion of the Moscow City Duma deputies, who suggested to urgently give Moscow residents 20 thousand rubles per person, including minor children.

That is why, the issuance of humanitarian aid in kind was strongly recommended to school principals by the head of the Moscow Department of Education and Science, Isaak Kalina (documentary evidence is available to the editors).

Of course, first of all, the producer of canned food - Fish canning factory No. 7 (Serpukhov) should be called the culprit of the scandal.

However, the investigating authorities will certainly have questions for Myasnikova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna - the chairman of the City Expert Advisory Council of the parental public at the Moscow Department of Education.

As it became known to "NI", the purchase of gift sets by May 1 was made without a mandatory procurement procedure in such cases.

There is no doubt that thousands of Moscow schoolchildren will now remember such a "distance biology lesson" in April 2020.

According to our sources of information that require verification and documentary evidence, a wormy mackerel, in addition to schoolchildren, came to the table in Moscow for the poor and large families, as well as for disabled people and families without a breadwinner.

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