Leading Barnaul traumatologists were offered to become yardmen

Leading Barnaul traumatologists were offered to become yardmen
Leading Barnaul traumatologists were offered to become yardmen
1 June 2020, 11:51SocietyPhoto: og.ru
In the Altai Territory, the Investigative Committee will check the reports of a reduction in the number of doctors of the Center for Maternal and Child Welfare in Barnaul and the offers for them to get jobs as cleaners, hospital attendants and janitors.

- A procedural check was organized according to media reports on the reduction of trauma doctors in the Altai Regional Clinical Center for the Protection of Childhood and Motherhood. The media reported that leading orthopedists and traumatologists in connection with staff reduction and reorganization of the department were offered vacancies for orderlies, janitors and janitors, - said Lyudmila Ryazantseva, senior assistant to the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the region, adding that a procedural decision would be made based on the results of the examination .

Earlier, the upcoming reduction was announced by the head of the department of orthopedics and traumatology Arsen Osipov. The video message of the physician was published on a social network.

Osipov said that the head physician of the medical institution, Konstantin Smirnov, sent a notification to medical workers - they planned to reorganize the Altai Territory Maternal and Child Welfare Center into an infectious diseases hospital for children with COVID-19. The department head also asked why new hospitals for patients with coronavirus are not being built in the region, and other medical facilities are being expelled for these needs.

Osipov recalled that the department has been operating since 1984; children with severe malformations of the chest and other pathologies were operated on in it.


According to the News. Barnaul, traumatologists Sergey Rubel, Alexander Shmat, Valeria Shumilina also suggested moving to hospital attendants, janitors and janitors. In new posts they were promised to pay no more than 13 thousand rubles a month.

To date, 1,848 cases of coronavirus have been detected in the Altai Territory. 12 patients died.

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