Children's writer Vladislav Krapivin has died

Children's writer Vladislav Krapivin has died
Children's writer Vladislav Krapivin has died
1 September 2020, 09:59Society
Famous Russian and Soviet writer Vladislav Krapivin died in the Sverdlovsk Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1 after being hospitalized due to the complications caused by pneumonia.

This was reported by the writer's daughter-in-law Larisa Krapivina, the commander of the youth detachment Karavella. She said that Vladislav Krapivin had been in the hospital since August 10. On August 12, he had an operation.

"He died at 06:40 (local time). He got worse, at night he was taken to the intensive care unit - and that was all”, - TASS quotes the words of Larisa Krapivina.

Vladislav Krapivin was 81 years old. He wrote such works as "Boy with a Sword", "Crane and Lightning", "Three from Carronade Square".

In 1961, in Sverdlovsk, the writer created the team of the imaginary ship "Banderilya", which later became the children's detachment "Caravel", whose activities are aimed at studying the maritime affairs. In 2014, Krapivin was awarded the President of the Russian Federation Prize in the field of literature and art for works for children and youth. In 2018, he was awarded the Sverdlovsk region's distinction for services to the Sverdlovsk region, II degree.

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