The Germans were told how to survive in the cold without electricity

The Germans were told how to survive in the cold without electricity
The Germans were told how to survive in the cold without electricity
1 October 2021, 19:55SocietyPhoto: ВК Пресс
German officials circulated a video telling citizens how to stay warm in the event of power outages during a cold winter.

German taxpayers began to morally prepare for the upcoming problems with heat and power supply in the event of an energy crisis in winter.

As noted by the business information agency Prime, the German Federal Office for Population Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK), against the backdrop of rising gas prices in Europe, posted a video on its Twitter account that aims to help citizens navigate what to do in case of problems with power supply.

The heroine of the video, frozen without heating and electricity, is forced to light candles. She wears warm clothes, gloves and a scarf. After that, she proceeds to insulate the home, sealing the windows with foil. And then he independently assembles a semblance of a stove.

The authors of the video indicate that the appearance of the plot is timed to the day of protection in emergency situations and is devoted to the topic of power outages.

At the same time, it is clarified that the light can be turned off, for example, as a result of natural disasters, as happened during Hurricane Ida in the United States.

Meanwhile, on the eve it became known that in anticipation of an abnormally cold winter, gas prices in Europe have soared more than twice in a month. In August, one thousand cubic meters could be purchased for $ 515, and on September 30, prices exceeded $ 1,100 for the same volume.

The sharp increase in gas demand is due to the aftermath of the last extremely cold winter in the EU and the low occupancy rate of European underground gas storage facilities. At the same time, the offer to sell gas on world markets is limited. A significant part of the volume is taken by Asian consumers who are already experiencing a severe energy crisis.

At the same time, meteorologists predict that this winter in the EU, where residents are accustomed to mild weather, temperature anomalies are possible. Climatologists associate their occurrence with global climate change, as well as with the slowing down of the Gulf Stream, which previously provided Europe with a more comfortable winter than the inhabitants of Russia.

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