The government has cut spending on health care and social support

The government has cut spending on health care and social support
The government has cut spending on health care and social support
1 October 2021, 19:37Society
The Russian government has submitted to the State Duma a project that included a reduction in spending on key social and economic items. According to the document, funding for the healthcare system will be cut by 117 billion rubles.

Despite the fact that the country regularly updates records for the death rate from coronavirus, and experts have no doubt that the country has stepped into the fourth wave of the pandemic, the authorities decided that 1.245 trillion rubles will be enough for the healthcare industry in 2022 instead of 1.362 trillion, as was in 2021.

In addition, the authorities will reduce funding for items that were traditionally increased before the elections by distributing money to children, as well as pensioners and the military.

So, social policy will no longer go to 6.208 trillion rubles, but 5.837 trillion. Pensions under the state program "Development of the pension system" will be cut to 3.162 trillion rubles from 3.314 trillion. Allocations for pensions for military pensioners will rise by 427 billion rubles.

National policy support will cost the country next year 3.461 trillion instead of 3.613 trillion this year.

The state program for the development of nuclear energy is also reduced by 32 billion rubles, space activities - by 40 billion rubles, the development of the pharmaceutical industry has been cut in half - by 4.6 billion rubles, the radio-electronic industry - by a third (or 12.9 billion rubles), shipbuilding for deposits on the shelf - by 20% (or 4.4 billion rubles).

The aviation industry will receive 42.3 billion rubles instead of 113.2 billion, the state program "economic development and innovative economy" - 123.5 billion rubles instead of 694.3 billion.

However, the authorities want to develop the industry more actively. Therefore, 87 billion rubles more will be allocated for the corresponding program. For scientific and technological development - 235 billion rubles more.

In total, the authorities will save more than 640 billion rubles on medicine, economy and social support.

"National security and law enforcement" will "rise in price" from 2.384 to 2.799 trillion rubles. The budget has not seen such an increase in funding (17%), starting with the protests on Bolotnaya squares in Moscow ten years ago. Allocations for "national defense" grow by 129 billion rubles, to 3.51 trillion.

As for the financing of the apparatus of high officials and state authorities, it was decided to reduce some of the articles, and freeze some of them altogether. Recall that ensuring the work of the president, government, two chambers of parliament, the CEC and other authorities will require about one and a half trillion rubles and the federal budget in the period from 2022 to 2024.

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