Immunologist urged covid vaccine users not to test themselves for antibodies

Immunologist urged covid vaccine users not to test themselves for antibodies
Immunologist urged covid vaccine users not to test themselves for antibodies
1 December 2020, 09:18SocietyPhoto:
Those participating in trials of a new coronavirus vaccine should not take an antibody test on their own. In the event that the test is still passed, the doctor does not need to voice the received data, since this information may affect the study.

This was stated by an Israeli immunologist, head of the department in the Jerusalem clinic Hadassah ar Ha-Tsofim Yakov Berkun.

"In the West, in particular in Israel, it is impossible to sign the participants of any tests, that is, a person has every right to check everything he wants. Therefore, of course, they explain to the person who takes part in the tests that this is undesirable, they ask him not to do this", - RIA Novosti quotes the words of the immunologist.

Let us recall that earlier in the Russian segment of social networks, information appeared that participants in the third stage of vaccine trials passed antibody tests, wanting to find out what exactly they were injected with - a real vaccine or a placebo. The Israeli professor notes that this can happen in other countries, despite the fact that the procedure is contrary to the rules of research.

"The mere fact that a patient knows or not whether he has received a placebo or a real vaccine cannot influence whether he gets sick or not and whether he will have a positive PCR test. This can only affect the subjective symptoms that he fills in the diaries. I do not think that this will affect the reputation of the vaccine", - said Yakov Berkun.

If a volunteer finds out whether he received a placebo or a vaccine, it is absolutely not necessary to inform the attending physician about this, the professor emphasized.

"When we give the vaccine, there is always a control group that receives a placebo. They compare the symptoms and incidence of both groups. At the same time, neither the participant nor the researcher should know what the person received. But even if patients do such checks, then they should not inform the doctor, so that at least the doctor does not know whether the patient received a real vaccine or a placebo", - the expert warned, adding that the quality of the vaccine is determined by social commissions according to a strict protocol, taking into account all the nuances of the stages checks.

The company Moderna, USA, which has developed a vaccine against severe forms of the disease in coronavirus infection, said that its drug is effective in 100% of cases. Before that, the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced the effectiveness of trials of its vaccine. The drug was effective in 70% of cases. The covid vaccine developed by the German company BioNTech and the American Pfizer has been shown to be effective in 95% of cases.

Experts warn that, most likely, the coronavirus vaccine will have to be done annually, as is now the case with the flu vaccination.

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