The cry from the heart of a mother with many children: "We do our homework around the clock, stop mocking us!"

The cry from the heart of a mother with many children: "We do our homework around the clock, stop mocking us!"
The cry from the heart of a mother with many children: "We do our homework around the clock, stop mocking us!"
1 December 2020, 09:42SocietyPhoto:
A video message from a mother with many children about distance learning has appeared on the network. The woman awarded the Maternal Glory medal explains that she had to leave her job to devote all her time to completing lessons with the children.

She appeals to the conscience and "hearts" of those in power and demands an end to the bullying called "remote control".

"Hello everybody! I hope that through social networks I will be able to shout to the hearts of our respected State Duma and the Ministry of Education.

A mother of five children, who has been awarded the "Mother of Glory" medal, is addressing you, which means that I have been checked in every possible way. I am neither an alcoholic, nor so on.

I would like to address you with a cry from my heart and tell you about what is happening in our country now, using the example of my family.

We are sitting on distance learning. I have four students in the house. Ninth grade is graduation, twins are sixth grade, and my daughter is first grade.

We do lessons around the clock!

I have no way of making all children have gadgets.

I do not have so many rooms that I can provide everyone for training.

And I do not have such an education that I could convey today - to the 9th grade of the OGE, how they will take and what they will do, I do not know at all how the children will take it. I do not have so much information that I could convey to the twins, grade 6, what a pistil-stamen is, I do not have the education of a historian, I do not have additional literary education.

We analyzed Dubrovsky. Such a complex composition, and they give it all for "self-knowledge"! I, an adult, barely understood the philosophy of "Dubrovsky" and we sat together and wrote!

I have to quit my job because we sit around the clock and decide.


And one more thing: we then look for teachers. And all teachers have different platforms on which they study, we have to sit and look for this: who is on Kontakte, who is on Instagram, who is on Votsapp. All my children don't have Wotsapp and so on.

And one more thing: we were always warned to protect children from social networks, right? After all, we have always been called upon to limit the presence of children on the Internet.

Now what is happening? In fact, they study online before lunch, this is their class work, and after lunch they do their homework.

And this is what happens: children have osteochondrosis, they have problems with the eyes, with the head!

They are now on our phones around the clock!

Please, let's stop self-deception: we have a gap in children's knowledge - minus one year.

If you honestly look at what is happening: we haven't studied for a year! Parents learn, in fact!

Parents write and do tasks!

If some kids do it, many cheat! Because in an online lesson, in 35 minutes, 15 minutes, everything stutters and tunes, and in 10-15 minutes the teacher physically cannot give all the information that he can give in the lesson.

I believe that everyone should either go on an indefinite vacation, on vacation, until this epidemic ends, or leave the whole country for a second year! Except for graduates, of course. But I do not know, of course, how miraculously they will pass exams this year.

But what is happening now is not normal! We in the family began to quarrel with the children.

Have mercy on the psyche of children, please! And children's health! And mothers!

Our country, especially those with many children - we are not ready for such training!

Or let us then switch to self-education, as before, we will degrade completely, and we ourselves will learn what we will learn ourselves - and, okay! Only without these ratings!

I believe that the assessments given to our children are unfair and illegal. Because you cannot evaluate without seeing the eyes of the student, and what and how he decides.

Therefore, I ask you, dear parents, who responded to this video of mine, let's spread it on all social networks, and maybe it will reach our department and the Ministry of Education that this is not normal!

Children and parents must not suffer!


I do not have a higher education, I sent my child to school so that professionals in their field would convey to my child the information that they should convey, and I will help them at home - how I can help!

And not so that I have to sit and solve all the information from 1 to 9 grade around the clock! I do not know: either - give me money for tutors, for four children, in each subject! So that I can pay a tutor for each of my children!

Leave everyone for the second year! Or - let's walk, country, until the epidemic ends with us!

But enough, enough to mock children and parents!

I hope you hear me, thank you very much for your attention!"

You can watch a video message from a mother with many children here.

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