The cow died in America: the TV discovered the Orange Revolution there

The cow died in America: the TV discovered the Orange Revolution there
The cow died in America: the TV discovered the Orange Revolution there
2 June 2020, 18:07Society
Television propagandists rejoice: the Americans made such a fuss that it remains only to push them slightly into the abyss.

Usually, our propagandists themselves invent foreign negativity in order to receive considerable salaries and bonuses, and here you don’t need to invent anything, negative came from all the cracks.

Sergey Mitrofanov

Half of America really burns, as in the days of Martin Luther King, the president hides in a bunker and carries even more harmful nonsense from there, the protesters depict the capture of the Winter Palace from the White House. But there is cause for frustration. How then will Russian propagandists evaluate their work? Maybe it's time to quit?

However, when the brains a bit fell into place, it turned out that in this situation one can also find a reason to compete with the West, blame him additionally, and learn from the experience, take only the best from him.

Compete - Compare Democracy. We have only fraud in the elections, and there they crush people on the streets in full with police cars. We just had a policeman kick a girl in the stomach in a protest rally (and she didn’t even have a miscarriage), and there a policeman sent a rubber bullet to the same girl’s forehead. Our journalist Azarov was detained at Petrovka for a single picket, and there exactly the same Azarov, or rather, RIA Novosti correspondent Mikhail Turgiyev, was first arrested at a peaceful gas station, then loaded onto a bus, and then sprayed with pepper gas on the bus.

Moreover, I usually do not trust RIA Novosti correspondents, but Turgiyev has a good honest face - he looks like an artist Mashkov, so I think he told the absolute truth.

And here is the good: the US authorities did not allow the orange democratic revolution to take place. After all, it is they, the "democrats", who are stirring up water. It turned out that a week before the events, Trump promised to go on the offensive on the “deep state” (no matter what this means), and the “deep state” answered him, slipping an unsuspecting white policeman Derek Chauvin with a patient who was practically breathing into the incense of George Floyd he gave oak after a regular choking reception. “Yeah,” the Democrats said joyfully. (This was told to us by the professor of the Department of International Journalism at MGIMO, Sergey Filatov). And so, therefore, “take the best” - to adopt the experience of suppressing such excesses. Still, we recaptured the White House, defended the president, and in Minneapolis they smashed the bumps of all these black and left protesters.

Yes, it does not often happen that TV is not too contrary to liberal social networks. But even in our liberal networks, they did not unambiguously react to the case of George Floyd. Oppositionist Milov wrote: yes, nothing special, in America there are such riots - two pennies on a market day. In another place, I read that Floyd was a dumbfounded drug addict, and therefore was not strangled, but died of a heart attack. (The new Kommersant representative on TV, Alexei Naumov, a very nimble and expert RIAC, claimed that Floyd died not from squeezing his neck with his knee, but ... from illness.) In general, blacks are parasites, they would only receive benefits, but they should be strangled with their knees - Regularly, at least in this state. Where the Russian pathologist’s act wrote from such posts of the Russian liberals is definitely not clear, but it’s clear that the Russian liberals were much more reactionary than their American counterparts.

There, the case was sharply criticized by the mayors and deputies of the Congress, and the former US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, quite rightly remarked: “In the ideological struggle against autocracies, our internal imperfections have direct negative consequences for our national security in the world.” In other words, how will we insist on our American rightness after that?

McFaul, who for some reason is considered to be left, was opposed by Russian trampists. They did not find anything wrong with Trump's statement from the bunker, which in turn did not find anything better than “posing as the Ku Klux Klan.” Trump promised the protesters to bait the most evil dogs that exist in the world, as white planters with slaves did, a hint very transparent to black American politicians.

Trump joked in the Trump spirit? “For those Russians who still don’t understand, I’ll give an example: it’s as if Angela Merkel wrote about protesting against the injustice of the Jews that they would be met with the most poisonous gas that ever existed, - blogger Karina Orlova explained.

And TV found that the US “democrats” in Minneapolis use technologies that the United States used before in the USSR (1991), in Egypt (in 2011), and in a series of unrest in Ukraine that ended in the 2014 “coup”. For example, “peaceful black” was exhorted by white riot police, as before the opposition did in pictures in many other countries of the world. What this means in the context of propaganda is not very clear. Whoever comes to us with a sword (orange revolution) will die from the sword (orange revolution)? Or something different?

In any case, police arbitrariness in America compared to our soft, one might say, cultural dictatorship (just a Sobyanin with a digital concentration camp) is bad, but it’s bad to let go of the reins of unrest. In general, there is something to think about and something to play on, if that. However, in my opinion, objectively, the United States nevertheless failed very politically this time.

Although America is catching up with Russia in space, it cannot catch it up.

The flight of the Ilona Mask rocket caused the expected jealousy of Russian space bureaucrats, who nevertheless did smarter this time: they did not spray saliva hatred, but congratulated the Americans, as if they said casually about the routine of space flights.

And really, what has changed? Missiles have flown before, but the fact that this time a private missile, that is, made in the private sector, is curious, of course, but it does not change the situation qualitatively.

On the other hand, for a long time, the Americans used foreign missiles for flights, and Russia has already tried on the commercial role of a space cab, and then a bummer, the Americans transferred to their rockets. It's a shame, but again it does not tell us anything about who is the first in space.

According to the deputy Zhuravlev (the one who drafted the fascist bill on the inadmissibility of telling the truth about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact), the Americans are catching up with us, but we are still ahead. Apparently, he not only does not believe in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, but also in the fact that the Americans were on the moon in the last century, while in the USSR they decided whether to issue collective citizenship passports to collective farmers.

The astronaut commented on the situation ... no, not Tereshkova, but also a hero of Russia and in a cool outfit, like space status military personnel, Elena Serova. She put everything in its place. The main thing for us is taking care of people, so that our people fly off somewhere, and then fly back, and therefore our ships are reliable, and for the Americans, hell, they don’t feel sorry for all kinds of “George Floyds”. But also congratulated.

And the presenter Yevgeny Popov finished this story with the following argument. Here they have some kind of rocket flying and so much noise, but we have made a whole GLONAS, which is used by the whole world, and everyone is silent!

However, he just has corrected this injustice.

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