Moscow metro introduces fare payments based on the face scan

Moscow metro introduces fare payments based on the face scan
Moscow metro introduces fare payments based on the face scan
2 September 2020, 15:55SocietyPhoto:
In the nearest future it will be possible to pay for the entrance to the Moscow metro through the FacePay, a payment system based on a face scan.

Testing of a new payment system based on data transmission from CCTV cameras has begun in the Moscow metro. According to the Department of Transport of the capital , from September 1, the video surveillance system started working at all metro stations. The metro security service can transmit data from cameras to law enforcement officers.

“In the near future, the system will actively develop in terms of services for passengers. In particular, the introduction of the FacePay system - with the help of it, it will be possible to pay for travel by scanning a person”, - the Deptrans Telegram channel reported.

The ministry clarifies that the metro conducts testing of the new service together with banking partners. The testing phase is scheduled to be completed by October 1. After this date, the mayor's office promises to tell about the interim results.

In addition to helping in the search for suspects and organizing fare payments, the video surveillance system is designed to track the congestion of trains. The system will transmit information about the most vacant cars to passengers via mobile applications so that they can draw up the safest route for themselves during a pandemic.

As noted by the city authorities, a similar system operates in many cities around the world - for example, in the London Underground. Thanks to cameras in the carriages, you can detect foreign objects, as well as provide prompt assistance to passengers who have fainted.

Some experts see the danger in the widespread use of the total video surveillance system in Moscow, which cannot protect the personal data of citizens.

“For six months of the system's operation, officials have not stopped data leaks from Moscow cameras, and unauthorized access to face recognition technologies allows you to track any resident of the capital, and this information is freely sold on the darknet”, - writes The Insider, citing research made by Roskomsvoboda...

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