Special project or successful phenomenon? Network discusses Morgenstern's wedding

Special project or successful phenomenon? Network discusses Morgenstern's wedding
Special project or successful phenomenon? Network discusses Morgenstern's wedding
2 September, 11:25SocietyPhoto: Фото: instagram.com/morgen_shtern
Analysts disagree on the reasons for the incredible popularity of rapper Alisher Valeyev.

The wedding of the popular rapper Morgenstern (Alisher Valeyev) and his beloved Dilara Zinatullina has become the most talked about event in the country over the past two days, pushing back the public-political agenda and even the Day of Knowledge. This cannot be called an accident: the rapper is one of the most frequently mentioned persons on Russian social networks, he is more popular than, for example, Zyuganov or Peskov.

Of course, Morgenstern turned his own wedding into a real performance. There was a porch covered with posters of congratulations, a bride price, a life-worn limousine, and Ksenia Sobchak as a toastmaster. The main celebrations took place on a motor ship with a capacity of about 500 guests. Its' rent cost 30 thousand rubles per hour. There were black beds, two statues, screens and banners with the first letters of the names of the newlyweds - AD (in Russian language this means "Hell" - editor's note).

Well, the cherry on the cake, of course, was the scandal: at the end of the celebrations, the police came to the ship with dogs and began to look for drugs. The procedure took about an hour, which the guests could not leave the ship.

All of these events have generated controversial reactions on social media. Some were indignant: "All that audience on this ship from the country to drive and not let back...". Others admired: “It's okay this Morgenstern hypanul. The news occasion is awesome. Didn't he order the police himself? Like not a fight at a wedding, so at least the police..."

But the social psychologist Aleksey Roshchin was quite surprised that even at the radio station "BusinessFM" on the morning of September 1, a special reportage about this wedding sounded almost 10 times (!!!), becoming not just "social news of the day", but NEWS DAY. Not to mention the fact that literally all social networks are packed with this event. Why? - asks Roshchin. And he tries to explain this phenomenon:

“I was struck by an unexpected association inspired by recent posts about the "Male State" and the phenomenon of all these strange" male movements "in general. I suddenly realized: bah! Why, "Morgenstern" is OH, a typical incel! Translated from the language of the "male state" and all its relatives - an ugly and impoverished little freak, to whom "no woman will give." The very unfortunate one, exhausted by lack of money and spermatoxicosis, for the sake of whom and around whom all these "male states" are being created. Only a small difference: Morgenstern is a successful inzel. This is the main paradox of the phenomenon. How can this incel be successful ?? And so it turns out. On the one hand, it is a violation of logic, on the other hand, it is a guiding star for all incel masses, who are still only languidly raging in their MG and YouTube videos..."

Roshchin assures that Morgenstern is not only ugly, but also does not know how to sing, dance, or compose music. But that is precisely why it became wildly popular, turning disadvantages into advantages, made disadvantages an object of cult. That is why he surrounds himself with beauties, distributing money to them, "demonstrating to everyone the" dream come true "of the classic incel - a lot of naked women and a lot of dough, all at once and without any..."

But at the same time, money does not help him to become normal, he remains an incel, and his success, the mystery of which cultural scientists cannot solve, lies in a huge number of incels in the population, it was they who brought Morgenstern to the top. But only these are very peculiar fans, as soon as they viciously tear Morgenstern to pieces.

“In general, yes, an interesting cultural phenomenon. So Russia has lived to see its rap. In theory, it is Morgenstern who should become an icon and an idol of the "male state" instead of some unknown Pozdnyakov, who, moreover, for some reason leads his state from Germany - like Lenin from Zurich..."

However, Roshchin's readers corrected his pathos, it turned out that Morgenstern is by no means as mediocre as the author believes:

“It's a slightly incompetent view of music. Morgenstern not only "knows how to write music" - he is one of the most influential beatmakers in the country and, in fact, introduced the fashion for these overloaded basses, bass drums and other elements of the arrangement. He even had video tutorials on how to write beats in FL Studio..."

A completely opposite point of view on the reason for the rapper's popularity was expressed by the writer Alina Vitukhnovskaya, explaining the criticism of Morgenstern with the envy as well:

“…In fact, we see the less fortunate envy the more fortunate.

The intolerance of someone else's success is the main mental pattern of Soviet people. Regardless of how this success was achieved, that is, purely in technical terms.

Morgenstern is a vivid phenomenon of the success of post-information post-punk in the country of victorious Putinism. Morgenstern is the Putin of musical pop art in a thrash direction.

By criticizing Putin's power from a moralistic, but not from a technical (resource) standpoint, you have lost to it and continue to do the same with a tenacity worthy of better use. (...)

Of course, Morgenstern himself is a project. He reveals himself at the moment when, starting to praise today's Russia and Putin, he suddenly blurts out and says that Putin himself "is a project, he controls nothing." That is, Morgenstern speaks in this case to himself too.

Then he works out the program, declaring that "Russia is a country of opportunities." And the main thing is not to rock the boat against the authorities. An interesting remark about Navalny, whom he supported before he met with him and "realized that he was a biorobot and everything that happens to him is programmed". (...)

I would like to emphasize once again that all successful projects of this kind in Russia are special services. And not even for reasons of ideology. Because ideology is ideology, art is art, waste is waste, and money should not pass by the cash register!"

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