Survey shows that doctors do not believe in a quick victory over coronavirus

Survey shows that doctors do not believe in a quick victory over coronavirus
Survey shows that doctors do not believe in a quick victory over coronavirus
2 December 2021, 10:44SocietyPhoto:
The overwhelming majority of Russian doctors do not believe in forecasts of a significant decrease in the incidence of COVID-19 in the coming months. They are convinced that it is premature to talk about an imminent victory over the virus in our country.

The results of a survey of doctors regarding the prospects for ending the pandemic in the country were published by the companies Rosgosstrakh Zhizn, Rosgosstrakh and the medical portal Doctor at Work.

About a third (29%) of Russian doctors who took part in the survey are convinced that in the near future the number of detected cases of covid in the country will not only not decrease, but, on the contrary, will increase. Slightly less than half (42%) believe that incidence rates will decrease, but very slightly. And only one in nine doctors (11%) believes that the covid pandemic in the country will soon decline.

As noted by RBC, among the main reasons for such pessimism of doctors, 84% cite the unwillingness of some Russians to observe self-isolation after contacts with probable carriers of the infection. Over 70% of respondents are outraged that people do not wear masks, actively visit crowded places and refuse to be vaccinated. About half (49%) indicate that citizens do not have the habit of washing their hands and using antiseptics.

At the same time, every second doctor believes that it is impossible to further toughen the sanitary regime in the country.

The doctors also noted that the number of complications after covid has increased in the country: patients with such problems began to visit doctors much more often. Two thirds of doctors (63%) are convinced that people who have had covid need rehabilitation.

It is noteworthy that many doctors do not advise their patients to be vaccinated against covid. Doctors explain their position by the fact that even after vaccination in poorly examined people, serious complications are possible.

At the same time, many patients who are aware of their health problems complain that they cannot always get the medical treatment they need. To facilitate the registration of such elements, the authorities decided to introduce a service for issuing QR codes with medical leads through the portal of public services.

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