"Don't confuse tourism with emigration!" What will people fleeing from Russia face?

"Don't confuse tourism with emigration!" What will people fleeing from Russia face?
"Don't confuse tourism with emigration!" What will people fleeing from Russia face?
3 May, 23:49SocietyPhoto: Соцсети
Russian emigrants of the new wave do not fully realize what realities await them in their new homeland

It is no secret that the aggravation of Russian-Ukrainian relations provoked another wave of emigration of citizens opposed to the authorities. Tbilisi and Yerevan, Istanbul and Berlin, Rome and Paris have already experienced it. However, there is no doubt that the illusions that the fugitives harbor will soon dissipate. Especially in a situation where Europe is flooded with millions of refugees from Ukraine, to whom it gives both moral and material preference. Russian woman Ekaterina K. , who immigrated to France 9 years ago, warns her current followers about the difficulties they will have to face in a foreign country:

“I continue to observe refugees from Russia with interest.

And I continue to have an unpleasant feeling that 90% of these people do not understand what is happening now.

They sat on the priest exactly as long as they were well fed in Russia. Turning a blind eye to what is happening in the country. And now they continue to be in amazing confidence that now someone will provide them with the same level of comfort to which they are accustomed. For example, people come to me in PM and work sites and tell me what salary they need so that they can live with the level of comfort they are used to.

That is, the level of infantilism is amazing.

No, dear ones. It won't be like before.

Emigration is a bad story. You will lose everything in status and money. And if you can find a place that pays you to wash dishes, that might be a very good option.

First, the whole world is entering a major systemic economic crisis. It already began after Europe and America turned on the printing press during the COVID-19 and fed the population with benefits. And now refugees have fallen on everyone, and the rejection of Russian fuel.

Believe me, against the backdrop of these problems, no one cares about the pain of Russian hipsters.

Secondly, the problems of legalization of Russian citizens will only intensify every day. You will not be able to open accounts and even get a residence permit, not to mention permanent residence. And this is a very important factor for the possibility of life in the country.

So, if you decide to go - do it quickly and soberly.

And stop confusing tourism with emigration.

It's one thing when you come for two weeks on vacation to spend money. And quite another - when you go to come forever and receive money.

Believe me, for the locals these are two very big differences. And they understand it very well.

The second big problem, in my opinion, is that people who have left now, for some reason, bring their imperial thinking with them.

They are absolutely sure that all other countries should arrange for them to host a branch of the Patricks.

So. First, no.

That's why you are fleeing Russia because you failed to make this country habitable. (And yes, I also failed, and therefore left Russia in 2013). And, perhaps, it is worth taking a closer look with more respect at how people live where you have arrived.

It was you who escaped, not them.

The locals are great.

Try to remember this.

And secondly, try to think about the impression your arrogance and everyday rudeness makes on the locals.

And think about the speed with which attitudes will change not only towards us, Russian speakers, in general, but also towards you, irresistible and beautiful, personally.

And which way.

A frequent argument in peacetime against emigration was "but who needs us there?".

The answer is no one.

And now we all need even less than before.

Just believe.

And take this into account in your decisions and behavior.

It seems to me that now it is worth reading the emigrant prose of the times of the revolution. Soon it will be the same.

Therefore, both decisions - to stay and leave - are bad.

And consider this in your strategies.

At the same time, I have no questions for those who remain. It's a tough choice, but a very worthwhile one for most. And I wish these people strength and good luck.

And for those who decide to go, I wish courage and sobriety.

Because neither one nor the other I just do not see the majority.

And we are all very sorry: we did not want to live in interesting times. But I had to.

And it is better to understand it quickly.


Briefly speaking. If suddenly my post is read by people who have left now, and are dissatisfied with everything. Do not tell the Israelis that their country is provincial, the Armenians that they have bad coffee, and the French that they are lazy creatures. And most importantly - do not tell the locals that they are idiots, since they do not know Russian. Among themselves - it is possible. And the locals don't need it at all. Remember that the wild people now are you, not them. This is important to understand now. Try to observe, understand, and adapt. Well, in the coming years there will be no one. But let's try to make it at least not too bad. And so that at least they don’t start hating us all. Enough has already been taken care of. Don't make it worse... "

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