The last hope: interest-holders from Ulyanovsk recorded a video appeal to the clergy

The last hope: interest-holders from Ulyanovsk recorded a video appeal to the clergy
The last hope: interest-holders from Ulyanovsk recorded a video appeal to the clergy
3 July 2020, 17:10Society
A request for help was made on behalf of 12,000 members of families suffering from unfinished housing.

Residents of Ulyanovsk hope that the spiritual leaders of all religious faiths in Russia will provide them with spiritual and informational support, condemn developers who have not fulfilled their obligations to interest holders.

Oleg Goryunov

По состоянию здоровья не все дольщики смогли выйти на улицу, и поэтому поучаствовали в домашней фотосессии
Видео-обращение к духовенству России, стран СНГ и мира

The video appeal of Ulyanovsk interest holders to the muftis, Muslim theologians of Russia, the CIS and the world, to the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church is the first experience in modern Russian history to solve the secular problem with the help of religious leaders.

"Some part-holders have a risk of not living out until their apartment complexes are completed - pensioners, cancer patients, cores, disabled people, large families, single mothers, etc. To survive these categories of people, an exchange program for unfinished buildings for a ready-made equivalent apartment is needed - without the support of the clergy, there is a risk that it will not will appear", - is stated in the appeal of the defrauded homebuyers

Why do people turn to muftis in the first place?

Наиль Алимов родился и вырос в Татарстане

The deceived real estate investors of Ulyanovsk are called their main offender by Nail Alimov, a major businessman, "the beneficiary of the construction holding Zapad, who left about 1,500 families without housing".

Nail Alimov was born and raised in Kazan, and therefore interest holders believe that he professes Islam, and they turn to the muftis first of all, listing the sins of his offender, quote:

"1. According to the regional fund, about 1.2 billion rubles are needed to complete its residential complex, real estate investors paid in full, and the average construction readiness of the residential complex was only 50%.

2. According to the prosecutor of Ulyanovsk, the funds of equity holders in the form of maternity capital, mortgages, the only labor savings of 168 million rubles, this person "used to lease an expensive car, maintain the image of the success of his company, pay off business losses!"

Мария Прыскина - в слезах радости, справа - Сергей Морозов, губернатор Ульяновской области

Neither equity holders, nor the prosecutor of Ulyanovsk mention another no less scandalous story, which became known to NI: in 2017, Nail Alimov presented the young actress of the Drama Theater Maria Pryskina with an apartment.

Sergey Morozov, the governor of the Ulyanovsk region reported this news on his page in Instogram as follows, quote:

“I want to sincerely thank my friend and just a wonderful person Nail Alimov for his kindness, sensitive heart and responsiveness. He is one of those who used to be called philanthropists, and today - philanthropists. Nail long ago made it a rule to help those who do this Needs: faced with illness, loss or other things..."

So: a friend of the governor of the Ulyanovsk region gives away apartments to actresses ( at the request of the governor Sergey Morozov - approx. The author of the article), while thousands of interest holders pay for rented apartments, because they can’t get the housing promised to them by the developer Nail Alimov...

It is noteworthy that Alimov’s charitable work is highly appreciated not only by the governor of the Ulyanovsk region.

In 2007, for the contribution to the development of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II Nail Nazymovich was awarded the Order of St. Andrew. In 2012, the Chairman of the “Regional Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Ulyanovsk Region”, Mufti of the Ulyanovsk Region Savbyan Suleymanov was awarded the medal “For Help, Assistance and Merit to the Muslim Community of the Ulyanovsk Region in the Prosperity and Development of Islam”.

So, Nail Alimov has been kindly treated both by the Russian Orthodox Church and the Muslim Board of the Ulyanovsk Region, and in this situation the deceived equity holders still ask the Muftis of the Muslim republics of Russia, Tatarstan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, to teachers and graduates of theological institutions of Cairo, Bukhara, the United Arab Emirates, clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church and other religious teachings, quote:

  • condemn the actions of Nail Alimov, confirming that with the available facts, his public self-identification of himself as a believer is not acceptable;
  • to recommend Nail Alimov to stop publicly calling himself a believer until the return of the withdrawn apartments, completion of the residential complex by his own means, and not by the means of the HOUSE of the Russian Federation or the regional fund of interest holders, the end of the quote.
Видео-обращение к чиновникам Ульяновской области

Of course, the video appeal to the clergy of the deceived Ulyanovsk interest holders looks very naive, but what should they do if they have already made video appeals to local officials?

The government of the Ulyanovsk region responded to the video appeal of deceived equity holders, once again giving promises, quote:

"The authorities promise that by the end of the year more than 250 families will be able to get their apartments."

If, by the end of the year, 250 families will receive their apartments, that’s good, but it’s a bad luck: 4,000 interest holders cannot receive their apartments in Ulyanovsk, and local officials counted those in total - 1,600.

Состояние одного из недостроенных ЖК в Ульяновске
Требования обманутых дольщиков Ульяновской области

According to independent estimates by the Joint Initiative Group of Ulyanovsk Interest-holders in Ulyanovsk itself, 7 residential buildings of 4000 victims according to the number of childcare facilities. The data voiced by the regional administration, of 1,600 people, are incomplete and probably take into account one category of unfinished housing, possibly only LCD who are in bankruptcy! Therefore, an operational meeting of the “Joint Initiative Group of Ulyanovsk Interest-holders” with the head of the region Sergey Morozov is necessary to correct inaccuracies”, - Vladimir Samarkin, a deceived real-time investor, said in an interview with NI.

The Ulyanovsk interest holders have not yet received a response from any of the representatives of the clergy to whom they addressed with a video appeal, a cry for help.

And interest holders wrote "An appeal to bloggers, artists, eminent athletes" - they are also asked to help - to provide information support.

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