Businessman Bykov was finally charged with organizing the murders

Businessman Bykov was finally charged with organizing the murders

3 September , 09:42SocietyPhoto:
The Krasnoyarsk businessman and ex-co-owner of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant, Anatoly Bykov, has been finally charged in the case of the contract murder of entrepreneurs Alexander Naumov and Kirill Voitenko.

Investigators insist on the version according to which, in 1994, Bykov ordered his friend Vladimir Titarenko to organize the murder of two local businessmen.

- Anatoly Bykov was finally charged with a crime under paragraphs "Z", "N" of art. 102 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR (organization of the murder of two persons). In addition, two more criminal cases are being investigated against him - on the leadership of a criminal community and the organization of a contract murder, - the press service of the RF IC reports.

NI notes that Bykov again came to the attention of security officials in May 2020. Investigators believe that Bykov promised the killer $ 50 thousand for the elimination of the head of the waste disposal company.

Let us recall that the killer agreed to the terms of the customer and began to follow the "object". On January 18, on Ada Lebedeva Street in Krasnoyarsk, he shot four times at a businessman. The UK clarifies that after the murder, Bykov paid the killer only one-fifth of the promised remuneration.

Earlier, Bykov was convicted of organizing an attempt on the life of businessman Vilor Struganov.

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