72% of citizens want to switch to remote working

72% of citizens want to switch to remote working
72% of citizens want to switch to remote working
3 November 2021, 14:20Society
In the opinion of 72% of Russians, switching to a remote work format will help them manage their own time independently, save travel time and reduce transport costs.

This is stated in the results of a survey of the service "Rabota.ru", which leads RBC. 12% of respondents already work remotely, and 16% do not consider this employment option for themselves.

Among the advantages of telecommuting, respondents named independent time management - 61% , saving time on the road - 46% , saving money on food - 43%, the opportunity to spend more time with their family - 37% , more stability - 22%, the ability to work in any clothes - 20%, the opportunity to play sports more often - 17%, the opportunity to spend more time with a pet - 7%.

Of those who admitted that they could not work remotely, 46% associated it with an inappropriate profession, 32% indicated that they would not want to work remotely because they need live communication with colleagues, 17% find it impossible to equip a suitable workplace, 15 % would not be able to concentrate on work tasks in this format, 10% would be inconvenient due to children, 8% had no stable internet connection, and 3% would be disturbed by noisy neighbors.

90% of the study participants would like to get a new profession with which they could work remotely. 9% have already started learning new skills.

23% of citizens are attracted by IT specialties, 20% - project management, 19% agree to work in a call center, 16% would like to become a designer, 15% - a copywriter. The respondents consider the opportunity to work in SMM - 14% , as a marketer - 13 %, as an accountant - 10%, as a tutor - 9% , as a developer of computer games - 7% , as a lawyer - 6% , as a journalist - 5% , as an architect - 4%, as a telemedicine doctor - 2%.

The “other” option was chosen by 22% of the respondents.

Earlier it became known that 45% of Russians are looking for remote work in another city.

Another survey showed that more than 40% of Muscovites who were transferred to remote work during the spread of the coronavirus said they did not want to return to their offices.

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