Dr. Myasnikov: "There is no such disease as the new COVID virus!"

Dr. Myasnikov: "There is no such disease as the new COVID virus!"
Dr. Myasnikov: "There is no such disease as the new COVID virus!"
4 January, 18:01SocietyPhoto: zanmsk.ru
The well-known doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov believes that there is no such disease as "coronavirus".

"There is no such new COVID disease! There have always been acute respiratory infections (ARVI - acute respiratory viral diseases), and there have always been viral pneumonia. They were and continue to be caused by various viruses", - he wrote in his Telegram.

Alexander Myasnikov listed these viruses, noting that the coronavirus is just one of them, since the clinical manifestations of the new disease are no different from those in ARVI and viral pneumonia. The consequences of these diseases can be as severe as those of these viral diseases.

The main problem, according to the doctor, is that coronavirus is a massive disease. The natural mortality rate from this virus does not exceed 2%. However, when the number of cases grows, and doctors do not have time to provide assistance to everyone who needs it, mortality from coronavirus can multiply. This was seen in the example of Italy, where in the first wave of the spread of this disease, mortality from covid reached 14%.

At the same time, as the doctor reminds, mortality decreases significantly when "it encounters a high percentage of the vaccinated population (0.1-0.09% mortality)".

The new Omicron coronavirus strain, the spread of which is several times higher than the previous strains, has shown that the end of the pandemic is near, the doctor said.

“Apparently, the expected happened“: winning in speed - you lose in strength. ”Infection is growing sharply, and the number of hospitalizations and deaths, thank God, no.

Alexander Myasnikov expects that this virus will soon "take its place among the banal pathogens of acute respiratory infections". However, this will be possible only on one condition: if the inhabitants of the country continue to be vaccinated against the coronavirus every six months.

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