Collectors have reached the pre-crisis level of debt collection

Collectors have reached the pre-crisis level of debt collection
Collectors have reached the pre-crisis level of debt collection
4 August 2020, 09:04SocietyPhoto: моссыщик.рф
The average payment on overdue loan obligations in Russia returned to its previous level after the "coronavirus" failure. The growth in debt repayment was influenced by the disruption of the vacation season and the exit from self-isolation.

In July, the average debt payment for Russians amounted to 5.3 thousand rubles. This is 1.8% higher than in March and 5.3% less than in February, RBC reports, citing statistics from the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPKA). The statistics provide data on the debts that collectors collect when working with banks on an agency basis.

According to the head of NAPKA Elman Mehdiyev, the coronavirus crisis very quickly affected the clients' solvency: if in March the decrease in payments was 7% compared to the previous month, in April the figure was already at the level of 27%, and in May - 3%. In June, the average payment increased by 16%, while the growth in payments was 23%.

Analysts point out that improvements in payment discipline and collection of debts were recorded not only by collectors, but also by credit organizations.

Recall that in May, according to the credit bureau Equifax, the share of outstanding loans in Russia reached a five-year maximum. Then experts expected an even greater increase in delinquency.

Moreover, the pandemic had a negative impact not only on debtors, but also on microcredit organizations, many of which had to close.

It should also be noted that to pay off debts on loans taken from MFOs, Russians used cash benefits issued as an anti-crisis measure.

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