Rapper Cartwright's widow was arrested on murder charges

Rapper Cartwright's widow was arrested on murder charges

4 August , 09:48SocietyPhoto: medikforum.ru
The Smolninsky District Court of St. Petersburg granted the petition of the investigation and detained Marina Kokhal, who is accused of the murder of her husband, Ukrainian musician Andy Cartwright (Alexander Yushko).

Kohal was sent to jail until September 30, although her lawyers insisted on the house arrest. The defense side strongly disagrees with the court's decision.

- The most important mistake that the court made was to detain a person, despite the fact that there are no facts of a crime. The criminal cause of death has not been established, - channel 360 quotes the words of lawyers.

Let us recall that the 31-year-old Versus Battle participant was found dead in St. Petersburg. The investigation insists on the version according to which the musician was killed and dismembered by his own wife.

Note that Kohal does not admit guilt and declares that she dismembered the body of her husband, who died from a drug overdose.

Marina Kohal is also defended by lawyer Sergei Lukyanov, who is also involved in the case of Oleg Sokolov, who shot and dismembered his student Anastasia Yeshchenko.

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