Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp hit by global outage

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp hit by global outage
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp hit by global outage
4 October 2021, 19:02Society
The global disruption has been reported on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, affecting users from at least five European countries.

The reasons for the failure have not yet been clarified.

According to Downdetector, at 18:55 Moscow time, Instagram had more than 20 thousand complaints worldwide, including about 2 thousand in Russia, Facebook - about 60 thousand worldwide , and about 1800 in the Russian Federation.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram said they are working to fix the crashes. Meanwhile, tech stocks are plummeting in US trading. Thus, Facebook shares fell 5.69%, Alphabet, Class A (owner of Google) - by 7.59%, Apple - by 9.94 %, Twitter - by 10.71%. Shares of NASDAQ exchange, where technology companies are traded, also fell - by 2.3%

Note that Telegram writes that it is glad to everyone who switched from WhatsApp, but fears problems due to overloaded servers.

The Baza Telegram channel notes that after Facebook services, Google and Twitter users began to experience problems.

At 20:30 Moscow time, Tiktok fell, it follows from the Downdetector data. The service also indicates the beginning of problems with Russian telecom providers.

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