Russia ranked first in the world in daily mortality from COVID-19

Russia ranked first in the world in daily mortality from COVID-19
Russia ranked first in the world in daily mortality from COVID-19
4 October 2021, 15:49SocietyPhoto: Сергей Коньков / Известия
Despite the vaccination campaign, Russia came out on top in the world in terms of daily mortality from coronavirus: in one day, the infection killed 883 people. There are no such indicators in any other state.

According to the headquarters, 25,781 people were infected with coronavirus in Russia per day. This is the maximum since January 4th. Indicators of over 25 thousand infections per day have been holding for three days.

"The increase in the incidence is recorded in all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation without exception, while Moscow remains the leader, where 4.41 thousand people were diagnosed with Covid-19 per day", - reports.

In second place is St. Petersburg (+2.198 thousand cases), in third - the Moscow region (+1.733 thousand).

In terms of the scale of coronavirus deaths, reaching 883 and 890 this weekend, Russia has overtaken the former anti-leaders - the United States and Brazil, where the number of deaths per day was 225 and 259, respectively. Earlier in Brazil, up to 600-700 people died every day, in the USA - up to 2.1 thousand. In recent days, a significant decrease in mortality has been recorded in these countries.

At the same time, analysts believe that in fact, the real mortality rates in Russia are significantly underestimated. Rosstat data on this indicator are published with a two-month delay, and they are approximately twice the daily reports of the headquarters. For example, in July the headquarters recorded 23,466 deaths, and Rosstat - 44,128, in June the difference in the reports of departments was 14013 to 23466 deaths from covid.

To reduce the incidence, the authorities initiated mass vaccination, but it stalled: the planned targets of 80-90% of the vaccinated population were not achieved: by October 4, only 29% of Russians were fully vaccinated, and 33% partially.

Meanwhile, a number of European countries, where more than 70-80% of the population were vaccinated, announced victory over the covid and have already abandoned the use of restrictive measures. Such decisions were announced in September of this year, in particular, by the authorities of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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