Professor Savelyev: "I'm in favor of people not multiplying anyhow"

Professor Savelyev: "I'm in favor of people not multiplying anyhow"

Professor Savelyev: "I'm in favor of people not multiplying anyhow"

4 October, 11:53
Professor Sergey Savelyev recorded a video commentary on the demographic situation in Russia and the world.

“How many people do you need in Russia, they ask me. I, de, urge that no one should breed among us. I assure you that it is not.

It's just that we are not talking about the fact that we need few people, but the fact that we need many people.

I see what is happening around, I see what kind of “quality” the population appears.

I see that in addition to the fact that they are trying to increase its number, they also do not pay attention to the result.

So, at one time, in China, in the 1950s, they tried to produce more metal than in the United States, and a small blast furnace was built in every house.

And that is, in fact, they began to produce more than in the United States, smelting it in every yard, but what kind of steel was it. I hope you understand.

It was impossible to make anything out of it, even shovels. But there was more of her.

Here, approximately, the same situation occurs with the population of the planet.

That is, of course, it becomes more, but nothing can be made of it.

And, as a matter of fact, I am in favor of a reasonable approach to this matter. And so that people do not multiply anyhow, but still strive to produce something reasonable, good, eternal. It rarely works, but you have to try.

And so, it turns out that you, like 70 years ago, in China, melt useless iron, which becomes the object of artificial selection.

Naturally, humanism will fall like this downward.

What kind of selection is there - with such a large population, which, moreover, is not very eager to create something? I don't think it needs to be explained".

The full commentary by Sergey Savelyev can be viewed here.

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