The immunologist informed of how not to get infected with covid within the family

The immunologist informed of how not to get infected with covid within the family

4 December 2020, 09:43SocietyPhoto:
If one of the family members is infected with COVID-19, then this does not mean that all loved ones will certainly get sick. But in order not to spread the infection while being in the same room with them, all precautions must be taken.

This was stated by the allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok. In an interview with Radio Sputnik, he stressed that getting infected does not mean getting sick.

"In most cases, it happens like this: people become infected with a coronavirus infection, the immune system works and there are absolutely no symptoms", - the doctor said.

With weakened immunity, Bolibok specified, "various manifestations of the disease that cause COVID-19" appear. The ratio of cases to those infected is approximately "one in 20 or even 50".

It is possible to get infected if there is “some additional factor that weakens the natural defenses”, for example, hypothermia, stress or alcohol. In this case, immunity decreases, and the person cannot cope with the infection.

Staying in a confined space with a family, the infected person should be in a separate room, and leave only when “everyone else has fled to the corners”, wash their hands, wear a mask and use a separate dish.

"Also, public places in the apartment should be used only after disinfection. Then everything will be fine. We have a lot of cases when they take care of a sick family member, but do not get infected", - the expert stated.

Recall that earlier, Chinese scientists frightened the public, saying that members of the same family who are in self-isolation are more likely to infect each other than, for example, public transport passengers. At the same time, a team of scientists from the United States, Australia and Canada conducted a study of four thousand coronavirus cases and concluded that a week of self-isolation may be enough for the further spread of covid. Russian experts agreed with this opinion.

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