All Moscow ambulance management suspected to have coronavirus

All Moscow ambulance management suspected to have coronavirus
All Moscow ambulance management suspected to have coronavirus
5 April 2020, 14:22SocietyPhoto:
The head of the Moscow ambulance Nikolai Plavunov could be infected with a coronavirus infection. Doctors also suggest that his first deputy Dmitry Gavrilov and the medical care deputy George Vvedensky have coronavirus too.

According to the REN TV channel information the head of the capital's ambulance Nikolai Plavunov (pictured) is self-isolated in his office.

RIA Novosti reports that Plavunov passed the test for coronavirus after the doctors suspected his deputies to have the infection. No test results yet.

Other Moscow ambulance emergency managers are also undergoing tests for coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that Denis Protsenko, the chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka where patients with coronavirus are placed, was diagnosed with COVID-19. It was reported that Protsenko put himself at self-isolation, "feeling normal" and continues to manage the hospital and provide remote advice.

Everywhere the hospitals in Russian regions reportabout the very hard working conditions for doctors. They do not have enough protective equipment, masks, gowns, gloves, drugs. Many hospitals are redeveloped for the treatment of pneumonia, but very far from everywhere there are mechanical ventilation devices, and if the hospitals even have these artificial lung ventilation machines then oxygen is not delivered to the wards. There is also a lack of oxygen tanks. Doctors say that they are ready to work in difficult conditions but without all the necessary medical equipment it is simply impossible to do it effectively, not mentioning the huge risk of contracting themselves.

According to Rospotrebnadzor the number of people infected with coronavirus in the capital of Russia increased by 536 people during last twenty-four hours; the total number of people infected in Moscow reached 3893; 27 people died.

In total in Russia as of April 4 were recorded 4,731 cases of coronavirus infection, 43 people died, 333 patients recovered.

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