Deception as the norm: e-tail got out of control during the pandemic

Deception as the norm: e-tail got out of control during the pandemic
Deception as the norm: e-tail got out of control during the pandemic
5 May 2020, 12:51Society
The restrictions introduced during the epidemic allowed to operate only to large stores offering essential goods. The crisis as a litmus test showed who is who in Russian trade.

Irina Gratsinskaya

The services of online stores have become part of everyday life in conditions of self-isolation. It's not just about delivering products. For example, distance learning at school has not abolished the need for notebooks, pencils, pens, paints and other “stationery”. In addition, children who spend most of their time at home have a need for movement. Jumping, hoops, balls - all this is in the "Children's World", the products of which the government has classified as essential goods. It’s just not so easy to get these very essential goods.

... To be honest, I didn’t want to spend one of the two passes laid out per week on a trip to Detsky Mir, and I started ordering goods for the child through the Detsky Mir online store with courier delivery. Its cost is 199 rubles. But somehow it began to turn out that the formed small order was always split in half. He was brought in several calls by several couriers, each of whom had to pay 199 rubles.

The last case undermined my patience. For the May holidays, for excellent study, I promised my daughter a small gift. It was not something supernatural: funny puzzles, jumpers and a hoop. The order has been formed. At the bottom there is a field: “Wishes by order”. As usual, I asked for morning delivery to surprise my daughter. Although there was practically no hope for this “miracle” from experience.

The courier from Detsky Mir appeared only after 15 hours. But the child was still glad that the gifts had finally arrived. My daughter was waiting at the door. The female courier handed us the box and ran to the elevator, but I asked her to stay until the contents were checked. Opening it, we found only 2 gifts: puzzles, besides, not at all the ones that the child chose as a gift, and jumpers. There was no hoop. The daughter’s disappointment knew no bounds ... The courier reacted calmly to the incident: "Probably, they broke the order as usual. The rest will be brought to you by another courier ... Yes, for a separate courier fee, of course!". And she handed me an invoice, which really only listed 2 goods. When I tried to find out the reasons for the incomplete delivery, the courier just shrugged: “I'm not really a courier, I'm a cosmetologist by profession. I have to work as a courier here, because the beauty salons are now closed. Where else to go? And another courier also wants to earn money, but there are few orders. ”

We all understand the current “awful” situation in the labor market. People are looking for work where they can, grab at any opportunity to earn. But why at the same time it is necessary to get into a pocket to the buyer and deceive him?

As it turned out, this situation is not only with the Children's World delivery service. The crushing of orders and earnings on additional courier delivery has become the principle of many stores that are currently operating.

From reviews on social networks.

Lyudmila Livanskaya : “From OBI the same thing, only orders“ arrive ”not on agreed days. Maybe in a week or two. "

Lesya Zakatnova:" Likewise on Beru.RU. I wanted to order shampoo and beads there. Instantly, everything broke into two orders. With a separate payment for each. The reason is the goods in different warehouses and will come in different deliveries. And I would understand if they sent separately household chemicals and beads. But no. Part of it in the first delivery, part in the second. "

The most ugly thing in my history is that Detsky Mir is actually manipulating parents, realizing that for the child they will do everything and agree to any delivery conditions - if only the child is satisfied. Even overpay.

For ignoramuses, I’ll immediately explain: it’s impossible to call either the “hot line” or any other phones of the Detsky Mir. You will turn on an answering machine, which will inform you that you can find all the necessary information on the store’s website, then they will offer to wait for the operator’s response and turn on the music. If you are very lucky - after 5 minutes the operator will answer. But do not rejoice: they will answer you that this operator has nothing to do with orders. That, in fact, is all.

Honestly, such frank indifference towards customers and children gradually began to piss off me, and I decided to turn to a lawyer to understand on what grounds it is possible to make a claim to the Children's World.

“The very form of ordering involves manipulation by the store. The order form is not drawn up correctly. It does not indicate, perhaps specifically, that the order will be delivered in full. It is also not indicated that if it is impossible to deliver the order completely through the fault of the store, the buyer will only have to pay courier delivery once. With a decent seller, this never happens, ” lawyer Lyubov Goncharova told NI. - In this case, there is a violation of the conditions for the transfer of goods, dishonesty of the seller and poorly organized contacts with consumers. Failure to complete an order is, in general, an indicator of the integrity of the store and a manifestation of the attitude of Detsky Mir towards its customers. Apparently, this store is confident that in the current conditions of limited trade they will still resort to its services, therefore, it allows itself an incorrect attitude to the buyer and the manipulation of orders. This is especially ugly because we are talking about children, ”comments Lyubov Goncharova.

There were a lot of victims of the manipulations of stores with online orders. In general, forms of cheating buyers by sellers are striking in their diversity and ingenuity.

Оплаченный интернет-заказы покупатели ждут порой месяцами...

Here, for example, from the reviews of "contactless online orders" in Wildberries:"I especially liked the phrase "we made the delivery free under ANY conditions". It was necessary to collect goods worth at least 1,500 rubles ... For the sake of interest, I added goods to the basket and decided to click on the contactless delivery point. And what do you think, the threshold has increased to 2,000 rubles! Isn't that a hoax? Correct me if I misunderstand the words "free delivery under any conditions" - writes one of the customers.

More from reviews of “contactless courier delivery” Wildberries.

“I’m waiting for cheap goods for 5 days, I’ve paid for it on the website, they write“ we will bring it ”every day, the courier’s phone number has been removed, I understand that quarantine is not easy for everyone, but how long will it last?”

“From March 30, they can’t deliver the goods... Do they even exist or can you forget about the goods and money?”

Deception, impunity, money manipulation of Internet shoppers in the trading system - all this was shown by self-isolation. But now it has become very clear where, after quarantine, you definitely don’t have to go shopping.

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