Our TV offers Russia to become a "top story" for China

Our TV offers Russia to become a "top story" for China
Our TV offers Russia to become a "top story" for China
5 May 2020, 17:27Society
Domestic telepropagandists defend China from the claims from coronavirus-affected states.

The media situation of coronavirus is becoming increasingly confused. On the one hand, there is a constant increase in the sick (in Russia), and it has already begun to mow directly ten thousand people at a time. However, if one official declares the need to tighten quarantine measures, the other - on the gradual removal of quarantine.

Sergey Mitrofanov

In the tape at the same time there is information that the borders of the state will not open until December, or even never open, and now you will need an immune passport. And the fact that the representative of Aeroflot declares that the company will be able to restore international communication in the middle of summer. In any case, “from Wednesday in Moscow, part of the construction projects will resume”, on which “in addition to the objects of the continuous cycle, work will begin to ensure the safety and strength of the supporting structures”.

Meanwhile, as we expected, in the first days of May the Great Barbecue Revolution really happened, which I, for example, observed with my own eyes. We have a large pond in Ochakovo, and the people suddenly, as if by the call of some invisible trumpet, jointly rushed to its shore, where incredible fun began, despite the fact that the illumination and sound effects were provided by police cars with matyugulniki.

The next morning, many had a headache from a hangover, someone else caught a cold - still, it was early spring, and the earth remained cold - and having caught a cold, they panicked, deciding that they had the notorious coronavirus. Well, you really need to see if there will be a surge in the charts after that. It is not for nothing that Russia is knocking out the leaders in coronavirus in Europe.

And at this time - here's another factor! - A billion medical masks are coming to China from Russia, and we need to sell them all with fat. And until you sell, what is your way out of quarantine, what is your reduction in incidence? Not surprisingly, masks are included in the list of required documents for presentation. Otherwise, a fine, prison, execution.

Against the backdrop of such a difficult epidemiological situation, there was a traditional debate on the air. But before turning to the “Sunday Solovyov”, where they dug mainly in the field of geopolitics, I had to get acquainted with the dying (I think) program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin, "because there is little information in it, and, apparently, there’s nowhere to take it from.

Exclusives from the Kremlin

That is, Putin was really present in it, but mainly in the filming a year ago, and the directors' task is to slap today's Putin, his mood and ideology from these shots.

As you can understand, the intriguing issue of the program “When and why Putin will interrupt self-isolation” was decided to be presented in a symbolic manner. The fact is that Putin is mentally present with the people, and on our part, he is like Lenin, that is, always nearby, always alive, always with you, in a mountain of hope and joy, therefore, it cannot be said that Putin is isolated.

This is the concept of the program from 05/03/2020.

And in order to prove this, Putin was shown at the head of last year’s “Immortal Regiment”, and also healthy - in the hockey player’s shirt, which for some reason was written “Night League”.

One way or another, it is alleged that despite quarantine, Putin will again be at the head of the Immortal Regiment, but which will be held in virtual mode, in case of emergency, inviting participants to go to the balcony and wave portraits of their deceased relatives from there.

We also talked about Mishustin’s disease in this program. He, like Boris Johnson, was caught by a coronavirus. And Mishustin does not feel very well at first (this is to be regretted), but continues to work. At the same time, Mushustin was illustrated by shots, where he is shown in a very dense crowd of his circle. Just some Gastello - infect everyone in a row. However, this was, it seems, before the official illness.

From the optimistic: Nyuta Federmesser appeared in public, who had the finest hour, since her state charity is now over-claimed. Moreover, behind her stood the space-packed employees of her organization, and she herself was like a superman who takes nothing.

Geopolitics of the "roof"

Geopolitical issues are initially not very funny, and when they are stated by muddy television heads by Solovyov, then in general. Here is a brief theory from 05/03/20.

So, the world after the pandemic will change irreversibly. Advanced countries will advance far ahead, while lagging countries will seek justice. And it will be very similar to the Leninist concept of the causes of the First World War - as an attempt to find a new balance in the international division of markets. Consequently, the same is likely to happen after the current pandemic. It is possible that the laggards will go to war on the leaders. But where Russia will be at that moment is not very clear.

It would be nice to be in the forefront, but she obviously will not be there. And in the lagging pride does not allow. Therefore, experts suggest Russia to stand aside and watch the battle of the giants - China and the United States. The US is attacking China heavily, reproaching that it has dropped the world economy with its own virus, possibly even of artificial origin. (By the way, Alina Vitukhnovskaya, one of the columnists of Novye Izvestia, was one of the first to write about it, using exclusively philosophical tools, and not Trump at all.) And for some strange Russian experts, China decided to defend China from the Americans, citing the lack of a protocol for making such claims and inviolability country sovereignty.

Argument: otherwise we, too, can make a claim to England that they de poisoned our Skripals with poison from a nearby laboratory and demand that they let us see!

It will be clarified a bit later, and why they do this. In the global division of labor after the pandemic, Russia, represented by Soloviev’s experts, sees itself as the “roof” of security for China, which is attacked by the United States. That is, "brothers" like that.

USA - China: “You have dropped the global economy”

China - USA: "For all organizational matters of this kind, please, turn to my "top story", they have a beautiful nuclear-powered rocket"

From the post of V. Solovyov: “The Chinese comrades ultimately demanded that the Kremlin block any attempts at an international investigation into hiding the beginning and scope of the COVID-19 epidemic by the Chinese authorities”.

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