“They need only one billion people, or even better - half of a billion”: what is the new viral video about

“They need only one billion people, or even better - half of a billion”: what is the new viral video about

“They need only one billion people, or even better - half of a billion”: what is the new viral video about

5 May 2020, 16:42
A ten-minute video appeared on the network and messengers, which tells about the events that, according to the authors of the video, remain behind the smoke curtain of the coronavirus.

In its content and concept, this video is like a continuation of the line that Nikita Mikhalkov condemned in the latest Besogon program (taken off the air by the VGTRK leadership). These same ideas about the dangers of digitalization are widely presented on personal YouTube channels. True, this video, unlike others, is anonymous and raises questions - who made it and when? And why is hiding his authorship?

In the upper right corner of the video, a very fuzzy and seemingly intentionally blurred name for the YouTube channel "Kramola" appears periodically. Whether the video is a product of this manufacturer or the authors took video frames from there to their product is not clear. In addition, the video itself was not posted on YouTube. This was done by our editors.

But you can’t conceal an awl in a bag, the Russian proverb says. Thanks to the watch-ups, the video was watched and sent to friends by acquaintances for many thousands of people. We are letting the readers of Novye Izvestia judge the content and conclusions. So...

“Neither 7, 8, nor 9 billion people of the planet are needed. Only 1 billion is needed. And even maybe less - about half a billion.

The issue with the population, as we have already understood, cannot be specifically resolved by war.

But what if you inflate a pandemic of a virus to the size of a mental epidemic? Then she will fulfill the tasks that only the world war would solve.

Because as a result of the emergency and quarantine unprecedented measures will be taken, thanks to which a completely new world will appear.

Yes, yes, the world after the virus will be completely different.

Virus creation

First you need to create a virus. It should have a low mortality rate, preferably up to 10%, and with an incubation period of 14 to 30 days, for its maximum distribution.

This virus must have a complex biological code so that it cannot be cracked in the first year of operation. The virus should also have symptoms similar to a common cold in order to stimulate the situation, the credibility of rumors about its rapid spread and the ability to write off any cold, any SARS to a new virus.

A steady voluntary collective need is emerging for the humanity suffering from self-isolation in a life-saving vaccine. She is fueled by a panic in the media. But at the same time, the release time of the rescue vaccine is delayed to cover the entire globe with the virus-bait.

And at the same time they say that just 7 billion people on Earth need to be vaccinated - in order to leave only one, that same “golden billion”.

Digital concentration camp

Global trend: there are only lower classes for which an electronic-digital camp is being created, and upper ones for which the rest of the biomass is just a servant. Because there should not be a middle layer in a post-apocalyptic society. There is no place for him.

That is why the middle class, that is, small and medium-sized businesses, is brought under final ruin.

It turned out that reality is no less fantastic.

We are told about the Sixth technological order, that robots will change a person. This means that a significant part of the population must be removed from this process.

And now the system of quarantine and work on a remote site just creates a situation that accustoms people to the fact that they do not work.

Neuronet and the transformation of education

It’s also a thing that was very clearly manifested in connection with the coronavirus crisis, this is the transfer of schools and higher education institutions to remote distance education.

Distance education is the dream of globalists. Because it is, firstly, cheap, and secondly low quality.

In order to monopolize the sphere of science and education, it is necessary to break the old system of industrial society. He is no longer needed.

Recently, a coordinating council for the development of education was created, where German Gref was included as a member.

He was instructed to transfer about half a million students to online education. More precisely, on the individual structure of the path of digital learning.

And a little earlier, in December 2019, Sberbank prepared the Federal project “Neurotechnology of Artificial Intelligence”, which should become the seventh direction in the digital economy. 120 billion rubles for the period until 2024 should be allocated for its promotion. This is a project of the so-called "Neuronet".

Neuronet is a system that allows you to create special connections between the human brain and a computer through headsets or a chip.

So, a convinced globalist, a member of the GP Morgan international council, chairman of the board of trustees of the Higher School of Economics and a public supporter of the crowd-elite governance model, Mr. German Gref de facto headed the coordination council for the development of Russian education.

Creating a Pseudo-Vaccine

Under the smokescreen of such a convenient virus, a second viral preparation is created with a maximum mortality rate of up to 90% and an incubation period of 6 to 12 months.

The new virus will not be transmitted by airborne droplets to control its spread.

This drug should have in its composition a substance that quickly and completely removes the symptoms of the bait virus.

People who have been vaccinated will be happy and tell friends and relatives that everything is fine, "I was vaccinated and everything went fine."

But after 180 - 360 days, a lethal outcome occurs.

The vaccination will be targeted. It will be distributed only where it is necessary to reduce the population. Since the top will need an army, service staff and labor, they will leave the estimated number of people.

For them, a version of a pure vaccine will be released that will not contain another deadly virus, especially since it has already been implemented on a smaller scale.

Remember the 2009 news? German authorities have purchased a swine flu VIP vaccine.

But a dirty, “not elite” injection will damage certain organs or systems of the body, which will gradually collapse over the course of 6 months to a year.

And then the next step begins: disposal.

Around the world, deaths begin at 10, 50, 100 thousand people a day.

This is declared an outbreak of a virus supposedly mutating in a year. And, thus, spend the destruction of part of the world's population.

After all, they even warned about this.

Anchorman: “The world after the pandemic will no longer be the same, but what exactly will change, in your opinion?

Bill Gates: “I think that now the warning that we must thoroughly prepare for the next big pandemic will be taken seriously.”

Establishment of a new world order

So, in this scenario, the bodies are not buried, but burned in thousands, fearing sewage infection.

Upon reaching a decrease in the world's population to 1 billion or less, the invention of a real-life vaccine is announced and its rapid spread.

People queue again, but now everything will be fair.

After the harvest is complete and the required estimated number of people remain, the injection will really work.

Then there will be a redrawing of the world map and economic recovery.

After a global global disaster, a proposal will be made to all countries to voluntarily unite in a single system to simplify monitoring of the world.

One world government.

Single digital currency.

Unified control system.

And now that we have shown you both plot endings in this global game, you can choose the third - the one that will suit you personally.

To do this, you need to do only two things.

First: do not allow yourself to be pricked by those that you really do not know anything about.

Second: share this video with at least 4 friends.

There is an explanation for this. Coronavirus spreads according to the formula: one infects two.

We must be twice as fast because we have already lost time!”

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