Vladimir Yepifantsev: “What is being done to us is a stupidity or a strategy?”

Vladimir Yepifantsev: “What is being done to us is a stupidity or a strategy?”

Vladimir Yepifantsev: “What is being done to us is a stupidity or a strategy?”

5 June 2020, 17:31
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zM91Cuq9gw&t=254s
Once in the car, "waiting while it's raining outside", the actor Vladimir Yepifantsev, one of the main brutals of Russian cinema, recorded an extremely emotional appeal to an Internet audience.

Abundantly flavouring his thoughts with obscene expressions (we, of course, do not publish them), he expressed his point of view on what is happening in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

“Why did all this with us and what do they achieve? Someone believes that no one is achieving anything, that this is simply a "precaution".

I think there are two options: either this is a manifestation of the utter stupidity of people to whom we - more precisely, you, since I am not participating in the elections - have entrusted their fate and their well-being, ...or this is a strategy.

...This is the stupidity of these degenerates, who can start a war wherever they want, can forbid you to breathe fresh air, make you smell your farting at home, make you breathe in a mask that lowers immunity ...From a lack of oxygen, immunity falls quickly!

...These people are forbidden to breathe freely. Around the world, and in the United States, and in Russia, and China ...Everywhere. Think masks protect against viruses? They would also say that they protect against radiation!

...And you have a garbage bin on the gloves. The trash that kills you. Of course, after the gloves should be a constant treatment of the hands with alcohol. And there is no longer any natural microflora in the hands. From this begins the defeat of the body's immune system.

So what is this: stupidity or strategy?


Stupidity? Maybe good, I admit. The mere fact that in this world everything is solved with the help of war speaks of the monkey consciousness of man. It is far from ration, logic, common sense...

Many people, such as Castaneda and others, have written works on spiritual methods of awareness, on how people agree with each other, communicate, interact...

And none of these great, wonderful, magical people around whom birds fly and butterflies flutter, flowers grow, it is not written anywhere about taking a stick and hitting someone on the head or shooting someone.

This is done only by those whom you choose. They deal with problems only in this way. This indicates the absolute unicellularity of those who manage the metropolis.

The question is, what am I doing in this metropolis? And I’m thinking: what? ... Many, many fears that do not allow me to cut it all off.

And now we are all trying to realize these fears and decide how to get out of them.

We must understand that you and I are stuck in a huge, huge mystery, the terms of which are these idiotic components, whose authors are leaders around the world. This is not only true in Russia, but everywhere.


The so-called leaders of countries are degenerates who can only scare, fight, attack, create borders, put them in jail, blame and punish. That's all. They don’t know anything else.

Or it’s smart people. Clever animals who decided in this way to perform some insidious, very cunning maneuver.

And now I’m wondering: is this complete stupidity and stupidity, or a strategy and, as it is called, a reduction in livestock numbers? Both that and another as a result leads to one - to death. Here.

Answer what is it? The third - a precautionary measure - does not channel.

How all this looks apocalyptic now does not inspire any optimistic thoughts. People will probably die even more. Not because of the virus. This is not an epidemic.

The immune system is destroyed. And due to malfunctioning, the immune system begins to kill you.

There is either a methodical or chaotic destruction of the immune system. It looks that way”.

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