Denis Manturov predicted a gradual decline in car prices

Denis Manturov predicted a gradual decline in car prices
Denis Manturov predicted a gradual decline in car prices
5 July, 10:21Society
Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said that the situation with car prices in Russia will stabilize, cars will fall in price during the year.

- Now the price, on the contrary, is stabilizing, it has not decreased significantly, because there is inertia regarding the purchased materials, raw materials and components. <...> You can, of course, keep high prices "until the last", but then the consumer simply will not purchase products. Therefore, companies will be forced to adapt to the demands of the market, - RIA Novosti quotes the words of the head of the department.

In order to “make the changes softer,” the authorities announced measures to support demand. Currently, the price has not dropped significantly, since the production cycle of cars takes about three to four months. Currently, what was produced from January-February of this year is being produced. Manturov pointed out that since the end of February, the ruble has doubled.

“Therefore, in order not to incur losses, companies will smoothly “stretch” the price change over the year, taking into account the gradual recovery of the market,” the minister added.

Recall that the prices for new cars in the country rose by 25-30%, according to the agency. At the same time, Rosstat reports that the production of passenger cars in May decreased by 96.7%.

Recall that automotive expert Sergei Aslanyan stated that "cars in Russia are the most expensive in the world." He explained that the prices for a car in the Russian Federation "are taken from the ceiling."

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