Tests in the children's camp showed the absolute superiority of girls over boys

Tests in the children's camp showed the absolute superiority of girls over boys
Tests in the children's camp showed the absolute superiority of girls over boys
5 July, 18:51SocietyPhoto: Фото Алексея Фирсова
The sociologist shared his observation on how “gender convergence” is taking place in Russian society.

A “soft matriarchy” awaits the country, according to the well-known Russian sociologist Alexei Firsov , and in his publication he gives an interesting example designed to confirm this forecast:

“A few years ago, based on a number of observations, without claiming to be original at all, I wrote that in the 21st century a period of soft matriarchy will come - conditionally “female” qualities will become more in demand in management, there will be a convergence of gender approaches, and even if men formally retain the top -positions, they will fall into total dependence on the yin-beginning in the preparation of decisions.

But here is another confirmation from another field. Yesterday, within the framework of one study, I compared the results of the physical training of boys and girls (10-13 years old) in a Cossack children's camp in the North Caucasus Federal District. According to the coaches, the girls' performance jumped ahead. Judge for yourself.

Push-ups. Some girls - 50-55 times a minute. Boys - 15-20.

Pull up. Girls pull up 10-15 times. Boys: 5-10.

Upper press exercise. Two girls reached the figure of 1500 (!) climbs and were stopped by order (that is, they could still). Boys - maximum 250.

Then I was shown the skills of mock combat. The girls (pictured) acted much more technically and harmoniously.

Today, at the equestrian camp, the instructor confirmed that girls are confidently ahead of boys in horseback riding.

Even making an adjustment for the specifics of the environment, it is clear that the matter is not only in management, it is even in physical training.

Guys, you just have to accept it. However, we have 10-15 years ... "

However, many commentators disagreed with Firsov's conclusions for the simple reason that girls develop faster than boys:

“In my opinion, the figures you cited do not say anything about SUCH, except that at this age all girls, especially southern ones, are physically “older” than boys. Especially the Cossacks, they can generally show any result if they want ... boys, and it’s too early to call these guys even, they are not yet ready for such competitions with their peers. Their time will come to the draft age, when their peers will already have to get married ... "

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