Drunk amnesia: Yefremov pleaded not guilty in the road accident, because "he doesn't remember anything"

Drunk amnesia: Yefremov pleaded not guilty in the road accident, because "he doesn't remember anything"
Drunk amnesia: Yefremov pleaded not guilty in the road accident, because "he doesn't remember anything"
5 August 2020, 17:01SocietyPhoto: expert.ru
Actor Mikhail Yefremov during a meeting of the Presnensky court said that he did not admit guilt in the causing death to the courier Sergey Zakharov. He claims that he does not remember the events of the evening of June 8, when the tragedy occurred.

“How can I plead guilty if I don’t remember anything”, - the TASS correspondent quotes Yefremov.

In turn, the lawyer of the accused, Elman Pashayev, suggested that his client would be able to recall these events in his memory if "the court helps".

- We even ask the court to help us. Maybe Yefremov during the meeting will remember all the events of that night, - Pashayev said.

In addition to the fact that Yefremov does not remember the moment of the collision with the van of the deceased, he also, according to him, does not remember how he passed the urine test in the hospital after the accident. At the same time, the traffic police inspector insists that he saw the actor “writing to the bank”, - reports Znak.com.

Lawyer Pashayev said before the court, answering a question from journalists, that he would believe that Yefremov was driving when he was shown the corresponding video. And in court, the defender insisted that there were no witnesses that it was Yefremov who was driving.

- You were told that Yefremov was driving or did you see it yourself? - asked the lawyer of the inspector of Federal Authority for Road Traffic Safety (GIBDD). He replied that "he himself did not see".

The prosecutor insists on the version according to which Yefremov exceeded the speed limit by 25 km / h and lost control of the car at the time of the accident. Let us also remind that the examination showed that it was Mikhail Yefremov's blood on the driver's airbag that went off at the time of the accident.

Let us recall that Yefremov recorded a video message in which he allegedly repented and claimed that he had "betrayed everyone." However, subsequently, nothing remained of the noble statements of the people's artist, and various versions of the lawyer appeared on the "main stage", according to which it was not Yefremov himself, but an unknown person who could have been driving Yefremov's car at the time of the accident.

Earlier, lawyer Dmitry Dzhulay arranged a detailed analysis of the situation with the accident of Yefremov, in which Zakharov died. For some reason, the lawyer pointed out that the actor's car was produced in 2013, and now "the car's resource is designed for five years". Then, the lawyer assured, the car "starts to crumble", and suggested that the actor could not follow his SUV.

- The car could be driven and brought in as a result of its malfunction, - put forward the version of Dzhulay.

President of the Union of Lawyers Igor Trunov assumed that Yefremov suddenly refused to admit his guilt, since he and his lawyer thus hoped that the perpetrator of the accident would be able to avoid responsibility.

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