Metro construction in St. Petersburg stopped due to the dangerous violations

Metro construction in St. Petersburg stopped due to the dangerous violations

5 August , 17:09SocietyPhoto:
In St. Petersburg the construction of the Krasnoselsko-Kalininskaya line was suspended for 90 days due to the gross violations of industrial safety requirements that pose a threat to human life and health.

This was reported by Interfax, referring to the North-West Department of Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Oversight of Russia).

Based on the results of the inspection, violations were revealed in the organization of mine ventilation, drainage equipment, and requirements for haulage routes.

As a result, an administrative offense case was brought against the general contractor, Metrostroy. The organizations were temporarily banned from carrying out their activities.

The construction of the Putilovskaya and Yugo-Zapadnaya metro stations on the Krasnoselsko-Kalininskaya line were to be completed by June 30, 2022. They were supposed to be launched before the end of the same year. Later, the dates were shifted until 2023.

The cost of construction of a section of the line and two stations - 37.72 billion rubles. The construction length of the section is 5.15 km. Station Putilovskaya is a transfer station to the Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya line.

Let us recall that on July 13, the St. Petersburg metro returned to the previous regime - until that time, from April 1, the subway's operating hours were reduced. At the same time, the operating time of the subway in St. Petersburg is already shorter than in the capital.

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