Nikolay Tsiskaridze: "We live in a culture of bits"

Nikolay Tsiskaridze: "We live in a culture of bits"

Nikolay Tsiskaridze: "We live in a culture of bits"

5 October, 10:25
In an interview on the YouTube channel of Yulia Menshova, the famous ballet dancer, rector of the Academy of Russian Ballet. AND I. Vaganova Nikolay Tsiskaridze shared his observations on modern children and youth.

“Now children don’t know poetry... They can’t remember at all.

I'm telling the truth. She's locked in for a short time.

Everything around is changing.

I have repeatedly spoken about this: you and I, you understand, must take into account that a tablet has appeared, wireless Internet has appeared...

You and I went to the library to find this or that information, but they didn’t have to go anywhere, they pressed one button - everything is written on Wikipedia ... And it is written in such - short - phrases. And The Thunderstorm can be read in five minutes.

And this leads us to the fact that it is not interesting to know more. “I know what War and Peace is about, why four volumes?”

I will never forget the clouds in the sky above Austerlitz, because we wrote separate compositions.

But do you think someone is now describing Vera Pavlovna's dreams? They no longer read "What to do?". They do not know who Vera Pavlovna is.

You and I can be sarcastic - the eighth dream of Vera Pavlovna.

And today we live in a culture of bits.

And we are forced to live in this, because there is an insane amount of information, and at the same time.

And when such things as Instagram appeared (the social network is banned in the Russian Federation - approx. “NI”) and telegram channels, the volume of text becomes even smaller. The text gets shorter and shorter...

I'll be honest: 1% of my students go to the theater regularly and enjoy it. one %.

The rest ... Not uninteresting, but - on YouTube you can see everything...

This world is changing.

There is a trend to dress the same way. The concept of unisex appeared: hoodie (sweatshirt - approx. "NI") on a girl, hoodie on a boy...

Well, imagine if you came to a Soviet school not in a skirt, but in pants? It was impossible to imagine such a thing.

Now, if I see a girl in a skirt, I am shocked by it.

There is a brilliant French film, it is called "Day of the Skirt" with Isabelle Adjani in the title role, I advise everyone to watch it. This is about a serious conflict between a teacher and students. And there is such a moment - that girl who puts on a skirt, she is a girl of easy virtue ...

The world has changed a lot, I see it in a very large context. Thanks to my profession, I traveled a lot and saw, communicated, so to speak, with natives everywhere.

And when I came across the fact that wearing a skirt is already something extraordinary, it’s a challenge ... Either you go to the evening, or you seduce someone ... And in schools, there, if you put on a skirt, then you are very easy virtue , in this film it is explained in great detail ... The heroine Ajani, in fact, takes the students hostage, and requires the ministry to establish a Skirt Day at least once a year.

The film was made ten years ago. But every year this topic becomes more and more relevant.

The entire issue with the participation of Nikolai Tsiskaridze can be viewed here.

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