Vaccination is called the only effective way to prevent coronavirus

Vaccination is called the only effective way to prevent coronavirus
Vaccination is called the only effective way to prevent coronavirus
6 April 2020, 08:47SocietyPhoto:
The most effective way to prevent infectious diseasesincluding coronavirus, is vaccination.

This was stated by the Director for Research of the Federal State Budget Institution of Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Alexander Gorelov.

- Mankind has not invented anything else by now. Vaccination gave mankind 25 years of life, - said the epidemiologist on the air of the program “Live healthy!”.

Gorelov spoke about the difficulties in creating a vaccine against coronavirus that scientists have faced.

- About 20 companies including Russian companies have begun the development of a vaccine. The only problem is that there are no laboratory animals that are sensitive to coronavirus. This pushes the timeline for the appearance of the vaccine, the expert noted.

He also added that he advocated that Russia on the issue of creating a vaccine against coronavirus be integrated into world space.

- Yes, there will be a competition. 20 companies will offer a vaccine on planet Earth, but we will be vaccinated with the vaccine that will be most effective. “I think that we will fight the pandemic of the coronavirus infection, holding hands,” said Alexander Gorelov.

He noted that the flu vaccine will not save against a new coronavirus infection.

Meanwhile, Turkish scientists said they had successfully tested the coronavirus vaccine in animals. According to the professor of medicine at Hajettepe University in Ankara Atesh Kara, the vaccine given gave an immune response in the form of antibody production.

“Finally, good news.” The animals received a coronavirus vaccine and they created antibodies. Now it’s time to check whether she can protect people from illness, - quotes the scientist NTV.

At the same time, Turkish doctors, while there is no ready-made vaccine, began to treat coronavirus by transfusion from patients who had been ill. According to experts from Turkey, the donor plasma of patients with coronavirus contains antibodies to it, which means that transfusion will help other infected people recover.

The World Health Organization reported that three dozen vaccine variants capable of treating coronavirus are under development in the world, but their introduction will require quite a long time.

Note that Rospotrebnadzor announced the launch of contactless testing for COVID-19 at home.

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