Without a steering wheel and project: the construction of the metro on Zhukov Avenue balked in a new parking

Without a steering wheel and project: the construction of the metro on Zhukov Avenue balked in a new parking
Without a steering wheel and project: the construction of the metro on Zhukov Avenue balked in a new parking
6 June 2020, 00:02Society
A letter from the residents of the 98-apartment building of the Happiness in Mnevniki residential complex came to the editorial office of NI, here is its beginning: "We have reason to believe that they want to sacrifice our newly-populated new building for the subway. This is not a figure of speech. Please Help!"

We tried to figure out how reasonable the fears of Muscovites are.

Oleg Goryunov

We have already written more than once that a good thing - the expansion of the Moscow metro - is met with fierce resistance from the residents of the capital. In all cases, the reason for the dissatisfaction of the residents is one and the same - construction work begins before the public hearings, and the authorities meanwhile scribble letters in which they promise Muscovites that everything will be according to the law.

This letter is dated: May 28, 2020, and it states that there is no construction permit, design estimates, design estimates, or even the conclusion of the Moscow City Expertise.

Вид из окна дома № 15 по ул. Демьяна Бедного
Калитка выхода из придомовой территории заблокирована строительным забором

And then the residents of the house, who turned to the Moscow Construction Department for clarification, are slowly going crazy because they see builders under their windows, heavy equipment, they see how their house territory is enclosed by a building fence.

House No. 15 on Demyan Bednogo Street was commissioned recently - at the end of 2018. And, of course, before buying, people were interested in the future of the area in which they were going to live.

“In January last year, I took a mortgage apartment in the Happiness in Mnevniki residential complex (15 Demyan Bednogo St., 15), which was commissioned at the end of 2018, has its own fenced and landscaped territory, according to the project documentation approved by the city. to understand the transport accessibility of the new house, before buying, I studied the plans for the subway published on the official website: the nearest station will be built - “People’s Militia” - at the intersection of Marshal Zhukov Avenue and People’s Militia Street, so far little has changed on the metro site - please note After the purchase, it turned out that the People’s Militia station would be located on Marshal Zhukov Avenue between intersections from Demyan Bednogo St. So the metro "moved" to our neighbors - the distance of 700 meters turned into 100 meters from And this station will not be called the People’s Militia, but Marshal Zhukov”, - Marina Bezhneva, a member of the Council of House No. 15, said in an interview with NI.

Скриншот страницы сайта правительства Москвы
Схема, предоставленная Александром Поповым

Here’s what Marina says: on the metro site, the really future station is not at all where it will be built. For comparison, we publish two cards:

Все варианты изображены синим, желтым, зеленым и фиолетовым цветами

According to Alexander Popov, a specialist in the field of metro engineering, the city authorities decided in 2018 on the location of the People’s Militia Street station (now it will be called “Marshal Zhukov Avenue” - approx. The author of the article). The decision was made for a long time, because initially there were 4 options for tracing this metro section.

Of the four options that suffered from the high cost, the difficulty of driving, or the need to demolish residential buildings, the fourth option was chosen, which, according to expert A.Popov, also has its minuses and pluses:

"Actually, the version that was adopted, as you see, only two objects fall into its influence zone - this is gateway No. 9 of Karamyshevsky hydroelectric complex and the house on building Karamyshevskaya embankment No. 32 building 2. Four more houses are simply demolished, making room for the station.

Cons of this project also has:

- demolition of buildings.

- The construction of tunnels under the avenue of Marshal Zhukov.

- The route passes under the gateway.


- The route does not affect the supports of the flyover.

- The cost of construction is cheaper, even taking into account the resettlement and demolition of houses.

The tracks are shorter by 900 meters of the first option”.

Геологоразведчики начали бурить скважину прямо над крышей паркинга
Паркинг дома №15 выходит за само жилое здание

The implementation of this project, residents of the house number 15 on the street Demyan Bedny noticed in the fall of 2019. Here is what local residents Alexey Glavov told our publication about:

“Last fall, geologists began to work actively near our house. At first they avoided our questions about goals, but when they nearly broke the roof of our underground parking, the neighbors insisted that the geologists reveal the tasks of their work and show the plans according to which these work Geologists were shocked that their parking plans weren’t on our plans, and they revealed ours, which we were shocked at. We learned about the planned Marshal Zhukov Avenue station, which will be located at the intersection of Marshal Zhukov Avenue and Demyan Bednogo Street , and the way out of which was indicated on the plan of surveyors practically ...in our parking lot ...".

Surveyors explained to people that they didn’t have any parking on the maps - this scared the local residents terribly, since a two-story parking is the foundation of their 16-story building...

Белая "кишка" - это туннель, черные перекрестия - станция "Улица Народного Ополчения"

Expert Alexander Popov knows exactly what is under the houses, including number 15:

"I would like to dwell in more detail, why does the shield penetration affect the constructed houses. Actually, look not at the geological section. The most powerful layer of quicksand to a depth of 40 meters. Lowering the station below does not make sense anymore. Switching to the closed method is not an option (more on that below) "Plus, any increase in depth causes restrictions on the maximum slopes, which will also require additional operating costs".

In the above diagram, the tunnel lies in the vicinity of the metro station Ulitsa Narodnoy Militia (now it is the station "Prospect Marshal Zhukov" - approx. The author of the article) at about 20 meters. However, the depth of the subway tunnel in this area is not yet fully known - this is what worries local residents.

“In the written documentation it appears that the station will be deep, but in the video for the competition everyone speaks of“ shallow laying ”as one. From the last video it’s clear that the organizers of the competition already have a lot of details, including the dimensions and other parameters of the planned station, but we don’t have any information on how the trains will go, where and at what depths the tunnels will be, how close to (under or instead of our house? Why? We are afraid to present the last scenario indicated, but to hide other reasons from we don’t see the true state of affairs with construction, ”Svetlana Kotova, a member of the House Council , said in an interview with NI.

Ни проехать...
Ни пройти...

For the new settlers of house No. 15 on Demyan Bednogo street, the construction of the metro has already turned out to be blocked by one of the two exits from the house, people are waiting for the second exit to be blocked, although they have already encountered the problem of leaving the house - they are leaving the construction site on their way , drives into her and unfolds in front of her heavy equipment.

В центре схемы - дом №15, в правом верхнем углу - изгиб строительного забора - это часть придомовой территории, которая "отрезается", красным цветом обозначен выход из метро

Residents of the ill-fated house say that they are not against the construction of the metro, they are against the "bestial attitude towards us, against the illegal seizure of our property".

“I beg you to tell about 98 families who bought (didn’t stole, didn’t “cut”, did not receive a gift), an apartment in a closed comfortable island - I repeat: the project documentation contained all the information about our fenced and landscaped plot. That is, the city sold it to the developer, so that we can take it away from us? We took mortgages, loans, invested money, time, effort, nerves, made repairs, transported the children, planned to live, enjoy and use what we paid for and continue to pay, but ended up in the epicenter of a round-the-clock construction, and we may soon find ourselves homeless, "complains Marina Bezhneva, member of the Council of House No. 15.

На схеме оранжевым цветом обозначены границы паркинга, а красным - выход из метро

The anxiety and excitement of people can be understood - if it had not been for the vigilance shown by them last fall, they could have dug the exit from the metro right at the parking spot - it’s the foundation of house No. 15. Here's how it was planned:

According to the author of this article, the story of "climbing" the exit from the metro to the foundation of a residential building speaks of a directive approach in the field of metro construction, when, for the sake of haste, the designers forgot about the safety of the residents of a 16-story residential building. It’s scary to imagine how they design and how they build, and how it can end...

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